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16 Apr, 2021
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overcome a fight

How To Overcome A Fight? – H&S Love Affair

Fighting With Your Partner? Here Are The 7 Tips To Help You Overcome A Fight!

overcome a fight

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like a “perfect couple”! Every couple has an argument or a fight, however, some couples end up splitting whilst others continue to stick by each other. So have you wondered why is this? Well, the answer is simple! It’s all about how one reacts and how one tackles the situation. The couples that stick together are more experienced in handling and facing a situation such as a fight. We all are human and can say really silly things that can be hurtful and when we are stuck in the so-called heat we can tend to lose our control & be abusive. But the trick is to keep the balance. Physical violence should never be practised and as long as we learn to moderate our words, it should be okay. So what should a couple do when in a fight & how can a couple overcome that fight?

1. Learn To Be Silent- When one is angry it’s best to let them vent out and for the other to be silent. If you practice this, you will have avoided getting into a fight. Once the angered partner has settled you can then point out reasonably what needs to be rectified to avoid a similar situation.

2. Give Space- It is really wise to give one another space. In a fight, your partner’s thoughts will be clouded & they may demand “a break”. Give them space. Let their temper go down and soon they will return to their senses. Remember you are not going to achieve anything except a broken relationship if you push things further!

3. Avoid Giving The Cold-Shoulder- When we are angry we tend to give our partner a cold-shoulder. This is the worst thing you can do. Remember giving space and giving a cold-shoulder are not the same thing. When you give your partner a cold-shoulder you are ignoring them on purpose which seems like you are punishing them.

4. Stop Bringing Up An Old Incident Or The Past- Bringing up and old argument or your partner’s past or mistakes is not going to resolve anything. Try being mindful & live in the present and tackle the issue on hand.

5. Don’t Apologise For The Sake Of It- It’s so easy to say the words “I’m sorry” and not mean it. If you are really sorry then explain to your partner why and maybe you can end with something like ‘I will try not to repeat my mistake in the future’.

6. Never Involve A Third Party- By bringing your best friend in, or your family into your fight is just adding fuel to the fire. It is your argument, so be a grown-up and talk it out like grown-ups. By getting a third party in you are giving other people more leverage over your relationship! This is not at all respectful!

7. Only Have Make-up Sex If Both Of You Are Into It- So you’ve had a fight and you’ve said your sorries. Most men then just jump to have sex after a fight. We all know it’s because men like to show and feel close through sex, but men, If your partner isn’t up for it, don’t push it! A simple hug should suffice and there’s always a tomorrow for the sex!

If you try and put these 7 tips into your practice, you should have mastered on how to keep and maintain peace. Remember both need to practice and not just one partner. Also, remember fights and arguments are healthy as they help you grow together, but an excess amount of fighting can be damaging to the relationship!




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