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16 Aug, 2022
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keep the romance alive this Christmas

How To Keep The Romance Alive This Christmas – H&S Love Affair

4 Tips To Keep The Romance Alive This Christmas!

keep the romance alive this Christmas

Everyone knows Christmas is a time where the family gets together, however, if you are one of those couples who for whatever reason be it work or other, is going to be spending their Christmas apart but want to keep the romance alive then keep reading to find out how you can achieve exactly that!

4 Tips To Practice This Christmas Whilst Your Significant Other Is Away: 

1. Use Technology To Express Love Thanks to technology, the world is a closer place. Whether it’s WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Duo or any other app, whatever method you use to communicate with your loved one, make sure you do make use of the technology to keep yourself closer to your other significant! After all, being able to see and talk to the person you love is a reminder of what you are missing! You can even use technology to send surprise messages using both text and voice.

2. Reassure & Trust One Another – Sometimes being away from the one you love can stir up some crazy thoughts. Just reassure yourself that everything is okay and that your significant other is anxiously waiting for you!

3. Plan An Impromptu Surprise- Whether it’s a short getaway once your significant other is back or a romantic date, do this impromptu to remind yourself and your other half, as to how much you missed their company.

4. Leave Surprises Around- Whilst your special one is away, you can write them a love letter and have their Christmas gift placed under a Christmas tree at home, so when they come they know that you missed them over Christmas and haven’t forgotten about them. Remember it’s the little things that count!


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