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16 Mar, 2023
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happy in a relationship

How To Be Happy In A relationship? – H&S Love Affair

6 Keys To Being Happy In Your Relationship!

happy in a relationship

Even though physical attraction and chemistry are required whilst falling in love, there’s a lot more work required to being happy with your significant other. Happiness in a relationship is not something that can be easily described as it varies from person to person and differs with each relationship. For some, it may mean no conflicts whereas for some it may mean having fun with their partner. In short, the definition of happiness is dependent on one’s needs and wants which are constantly changing over time. Remember that being happy in a relationship relies completely on you!

6 Things You Need To Follow For A Happy Relationship: 

1. Get Rid Off All Expectations: The Mother Of Disappointment- All too often, when in a relationship with someone especially for a long time, we start having expectations from our significant other. It shouldn’t matter how often your partner does something you just need to get rid off any expectations.

2. Respect One Another- Mutual respect is an important component for a long-lasting happy relationship. It may sound cliche but in truth who doesn’t want to be respected?

3. Give Attention To Your Sex Life- Prioritizing sex is important to sustain a happy relationship. Remember having a good intimate sexual life is very important as it helps keeps you connected to your partner and also releases the happy hormones or endorphins.

4. Make Your Partner A Priority- Prioritize your partner and have some quality time with one another. Get to know your partner’s needs and wants as addressing them shows you care about them.

5. Practice Giving Each Other Space- It’s good to be close but as the saying goes familiarity breeds contempt, too much closeness can get a bit overwhelming. So give each other some healthy space once a while, this way it will make you stay in love and cherish one another.

6. Appreciate One Another- To be appreciated by your better half is an amazing feeling. It’s important that rather than taking things out on each other and taking each other for granted that you appreciate one another as in the long-term relationship you both will be very happy.



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