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30 May, 2024
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How To Achieve Scandinavian Interior With Mabel


It’s no secret that I love Scandinavian style. Scandinavian design is a design that is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. This is one design that in the past two years I have tried to introduce into our home. It needs much thought on “what” you are going to introduce to your space and much that you need to “do away” with. Scandinavian design takes up a more settled theme, sometimes it goes a little modern and wooden.

This design celebrates natural light perfectly well. There is nothing as stunningly simple as Scandinavian interior. It is known for its perfect connection to the outdoors. This design is largely spreading all over the world and as I put this down I highly believe it’s not something new to many but rather something you have come across.

So I have come across different ways that can help one to pull this design together and these are the pieces that have enabled me to at least achieve this design in our home.

The use of muted colours, clean lines and natural materials has just made our home all serene and has kept things airy and uncluttered.

Here is my listing on how to achieve the Scandinavian interior.

Mid Century Modern furniture.

When it comes to furniture, clean lines are it. Tables and chairs with smooth rounded edges and natural hues perfectly embrace the Scandinavian design. These modern furniture designs are found in almost all Scandinavian homes. Eames bistros are aesthetically beautiful. Ray Eames happens to be my best famous mid century designer whose pieces fit perfectly into modern interiors. If these designer pieces are out of your budget you can actually come up with a design of your own and have it made locally.


For a long time we were used to that soft cotton throw, until I came across that thick woolen throw. Then I further discovered faux sheepskin fur. These two, I guess are my favourite living room accessories. Faux fur rug looks beautiful when draped over the sofa.

Simple decorative Accents.

Keep your accessories to minimum. We are trying to aim at a minimalist look here and when in doubt always remember less is always more. Go for simple decor accents but with much quality in them.

Mix and match natural materials.

I tried to combine various natural materials into our home and the look is explicit. Do not be afraid of mixing different materials like wood, keep them pale though for the most of the parts. I discovered sea grass baskets, their natural material perfectly completes the Scandinavian interior, round floor rattans cannot be left out, you can further introduce copper and brass.

Neutral Colours.

There is definitely a colour palette associated with Scandinavian design. Whites, grays and blacks are always interwoven, creating a clean and calming look. Many are now trying to introduce the blush pinks and rich sea greens for a little pop. I have noticed in most Scandinavian homes, walls have been kept white and this has perfectly allowed furniture and arts to captivate.

Limited Window Treatments.

One thing I have come to learn, Scandinavian design relies much on the natural light. This light brings out perfectly that minimalist look with the pieces placed nicely into a room. A brightened space with natural lighting completes the Scandinavian interior. When trying to achieve this look, you invite as much light in as you can. Light fabrics like linen, sheers can be used on the windows.

Introduce some greenery.

It is important to have living elements of colour and beauty in Scandinavian interior. Arranged bouquets, succulents, house plants, or just one artificial palm or Monstera leaf in a vase, works perfectly in a Scandinavian design.

Tell me what is your take in the growing trend of the Scandinavian design, have you come across the Scandinavian style and would you go for it?


How To Achieve Scandinavian Interior With Mabel
Mabel Achieng Oginga- Blogger & Founder Of MabelHomestyle