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29 Jan, 2023
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grow your own vegetables

Grow Your Own Vegetables – H&S Homes & Gardens

4 Easy Vegetables To Grow At Home

Did you know you can grow some of your own vegetables at home in pots or containers without any hassle? After all who doesn’t like fresh produce! Try these 4 easy vegetables today!!

grow your own vegetables1. Tomatoes – Tomatoes are so easy to grow. All you need is a pot with some fertile soil and a slice of tomato or the seeds from tomatoes. Just remember these vegetables require plenty of sunlight to thrive (minimum 6 hrs), so make sure you have your pots placed appropriately. For a higher yield try cherry tomatoes!


grow your own vegetables2. Chillies – Another easy-to-grow plant. These look stunning when grown in a pot, however again they require proper sunlight to thrive. Just make sure you have a fertilized soil with scattered seed.


3. Bean Sprouts – Everyone has tried to grow bean sprouts before and you know how easy it is to grow them. All you need is water, a container with holes and mung beans. They are grown by placing and watering the mung beans in shade for about 7 days or until roots grow long.


3. Eggplants – These are really easy to grow however they require heat day and night as they are a summer crop.




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