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05 Dec, 2021
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GRACEPAK Ventures- TOYS PLANET: 10 Most Popular Kids Toys For 3-6 Years

GRACEPAK Ventures- TOYS PLANET: 10 Most Popular Kids Toys For 3-6 Years, No.9 Is A Must-Have!

GRACEPAK Ventures Toys Planet KenyaWe Are Now Going BIGGER And BETTER

10 Most Popular Kids Toys For 3-6 Years

Hello……..hello, we hope you are keeping well and you already had an opportunity to read our last blog titled “Guidance On What To Consider When Investing In Toys For 0-36 Months Children”. The article was truly eye-opening to both individuals and institutions of Early Basic Education. Just before I forget, we also had our first blog on “We are Going Bigger and Better” which outlined our latest additions in the toys collection namely: Lego, Mattel, Ravensburger, Hasbro, Clementoni and Playmobil. Woooohooo, aren’t these good news? I mean who does not want to grab the last Monopoly Board Game and play with family and friends till dawn? Or who does not want to build their most favorite cartoon with Lego blocks? Or better still, who does not want to add a Barbie doll into their beautiful collection?

That said, today we continue with age-appropriate toys series which commenced earlier this month. We shall be looking at “10 Popular Kids Toys for 3-6 Years Old”. First off, let us have a deeper look into the life of the bubbly 3-6 years old.
Between 3-4 years, your child’s verbal skills have developed pretty much as well as their balance. Weight and height of your pre-schooler will definitely change drastically. They should be able to tell you their name and age, able to speak coherently, count and recognize basic colors’ and shapes-but in case they mix it up there is no need to worry. Also, they are able to tell short stories as well as pick out pictures and name then correctly as well as inter-locking age-appropriate inter-locking toys.

During the 4th to 5th year, they learn to speak in more compound sentences, are able to sing, dance, understand the aspects of time and also their attention becomes longer. Key gross motor skills during this age include jumping, riding a bike, hoping with one leg and has already mastered balancing better.

Congratulations!!!Your child is now in the 5th to 6th year, if he/she is in the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) education system then this is the time to look forward to transitioning from nursery to primary. Your school-going child is now able to understand the concept of numbers, differentiate day from night and left from right, has ability to tell time and has a greater sense of counting numbers. His language skills have also grown.


With this in mind, now on to 10 Most Popular Kids Toys for 3-6 Years:

1. Number Maze

The maze helps in developing logical thinking and mental capacity in kids. It also enhances creativity and brain development of kids with too many possibilities to create different alteration, settings etc. Additionally, it helps in improving child’s hand-eye coordination, cognitive form, training of inspiration and color perception.


2. Wooden Beads Sequencing Game

Wooden Beads Sequencing Toy Stacking & Sorting Blocks Toy are mainly made of premium quality wood material and non-toxic paints. They are usually smooth, no burr and child-safe and easy grip for little hands. The stacking sticks are usually long enough to allow the beads to fit easily. Perfect for teaching your kids about color and shape recognition, stacking, counting and sorting. Also helps stimulate kids’ intellectual development, memory, creativity, promote hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and, parent-child communication. Suitable for kids aged 3 years and up. Ideal educational learning toy as a perfect gift for your little ones.


3. Activity Cubes

The beaded activity cubes let your baby freely toggle back and forth beads, from one end of the twists and turns of the track to position the other end. Each of the six surfaces of this toy includes a fun game or activity, be it a bead maze game, sliding trees, rotatable clock toy, shape sorter, or spinning gears. But this is not just a fun game, though. With this activity cube, you can help enhance your kids’ hand-eye coordination, color recognition, counting skills, spatial skills, motor skills, and even logical skills. Being a relatively more compact activity cube, you can carry it around and even use it as an outdoor family activity. The number of beads can also develop your baby’s ability to count, through simple addition and subtraction operations.


4. Mini Mathematics Quiz Wheel

The fantastic mini mathematics quiz wheel help your child in solving simple maths equations. The relatively new playing method keeps your child engaged in mathematical operations and solve them quickly and efficiently while having fun. To ensure your child’s safety maths quiz wheels are mainly made of and no toxic material or paint are used in it. This rotating cylinder block mathematics numbers and symbols kindergarten teaching aid can be locally purchased at Gracepak Ventures-Toys Planet. It’s a great children’s toy for 3-6 year old boys and girls.


5. Soap Bubble Making Lab

This comprises of a fantastic laboratory for creating and playing with masses of soap bubbles. With the special solution and the bubble-shooting machine you can have fun making loads of big and small soap bubbles fly through the air. The kit also contains special instruments and a recipe for the best bubble solutions for making big, strong bubbles and definitely a perfect toy for 5+ years’ children.


6. Alphabet Fridge Stickers

The set comprises of 26pieces colorful and cartoon A-Z alphabet letters fridge magnets stickers, which are mainly made of durable hard wood material, and can be attached to any iron surface including fridge or whiteboards. With those cartoon alphabet letters fridge magnets, it is a great way to help your children enjoy learning their letters or to start spelling out simple words.


7. Cartoon Jenga Blocks

The famous cartoon Jenga game is played by pulling out a block without crashing the stack to win at Jenga. It usually includes 54 Jenga hardwood blocks, stacking sleeve with instructions which are simple, solid, and timeless. The winner is usually the last player to remove a block without causing the stack to crash. The toy helps in color recognition; kids can learn colors which include; Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink and yellow as well as animal classification including reptiles, domestics, birds and insects. Cartoon Jenga blocks helps to boost kids concentration, hand -eye coordination and fine motor skills.


8. Spelling Games

Kids always love sorting the letters and put them on the cards to form a word! It is a great way for them to learn the alphabet and words. Bright color and vivid pictures usually inspire the children’s interest in learning. During the spelling games, the kids learn not only the letters but also some words formation which is a great skill at this age.


9. Montessori Kindergarten Math/Calendar/Days/Seasons Learning Toy

The number matching, shapes and size are all the accessories of this game, and cultivate your baby’s visual ability to recognize different colors, shapes, sizes, and numbers. The number matching and counting function of the mathematical Montessori helps to train the baby’s hand-eye coordination ability. Educational wooden math Montessori toys, cultivate baby’s cognitive ability to identify the third dimension of color, and develop fine motor skills. In the meantime, the number matching operation box makes it easy to store and carry, so that children can learn mathematics by himself. Cultivate children’s cognitive ability, shape and color recognition, counting, sorting, matching, sorting and sorting functions, help develop the baby brain, and increase learning of basic numbers, determine days and moths of the year as well as seasons.


10. Garbage Sorting Toy

Ideal CBC Environmental Activities learning aid. Aids learning by letting your child learn how to classify garbage. Make children know the garbage sorting from childhood and establish environmental awareness. This game is suitable for single or multiplayer. Put different categories of waste into the dustbin, the cards with different types of waste are part of the toy.


In conclusion, always remember that investment in your kids’ toys can never be a random purchase here and there, it needs careful analysis of your childrens’ needs and investing accordingly. We gladly offer free investment advisory to individuals and institutions to make your investment worthy.

It’s a wrap for now, see you in the next edition ADIOS 😊😊



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