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06 Feb, 2023
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Get Into Property Development In 2020- Join A Winning Team

Get Into Property Development- Join A Winning Team

Know What Type Of Property You Would Like To Get Into

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Property Development Types

It Is Important To Understand the 2 Types Of Properties Developments That Will Tremendesoly Increase Your Wealth If Done Correctly.

1. Residential Real Estate –  some of the examples of this include condominium, apartment, penthouse, duplex, townhouse etc that can be new or for resale. It consists of a single-family unit or multifamily unit that is used for purposes that are not business-related, mainly for staying.

When investing in residential real estate you should be looking at selling the property right after building and also keeping some properties to receive passive income through rental!


2. Commercial Real Estate – some of the examples of this include shopping malls, schools, hospitals, hotels, offices etc. When thinking of investing in commercial you should think about leasing offices out to companies or small businesses who will pay rent for using your property. The leases can be multi-year leases which entail stability in cash flow and helps protect you the owner from all the times when rental rates drop.

When investing in commercial real estate you should be looking at renting the property to receive passive income through rental, as well as look at ways you can make your commercial property a landmark, through event’s marketing, or getting in an anchor client like a supermarket, who will drive in a lot of traffic, this will automatically increase your property value.


What To Look For In A Property Development Deal

1. Building Concept –  Answer these questions: How is the location? is the property plan spacious enough for a buyer? Is there a demand for people looking for property in this location? Is the property offering enough facilities and value for money? is the price of the property affordable? Your Voice Matters!

2. ROI –  If you were to put your monies into a bank account and watched it grow for 3 years in interest, would you be a higher ROI? Anything higher than a bank is worth it, and most investors worldwide who have grown their wealth tremendously have put their investments into a property in one way or another. And the bank always counts your property as a fixed asset.

3. The Right Team –  If you are planning to get into a partnership, check that they have the experience and key people involved who will bring this project to fruition.


Join The Right Team:

We currently have several projects lined up and if you are seriously looking at building your wealth and getting into real estate you can start today, start putting your monies into a proven industry that will continue to reap profits for many generations to come, contact us.


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