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02 Feb, 2023
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gazebos & Pergolas

Gazebos & Pergolas!

Gazebos & Pergolas: Upgrade Your Garden Today!

Who doesn’t wish for an outdoor space to be as inviting and attractive as their home? With the perfect elegant outdoor structure be it a gazebo or a pergola, you can transform your outdoor space into an entertaining haven. So whether it’s taking refuge from the scorching heat or support the climbing blooms in your garden, these structures are an ideal addition to your garden. Irrespective of the size of the space, there’s always a perfect gazebo or pergola for every garden, that fits every budget. So get ready to be inspired by our top gazebos and pergolas!

Our Top 3 Pergolas:

1. The Modern Steel Pergola-
gazebos & pergolas

This modern steel pergola is a strong, durable weather-resistant structure that can withstand different weather conditions such as rain, sunlight, wind etc. Its durability and zero maintenance qualities, make this the perfect structure for your garden, You can have a


2. The Classic White Pergola-

This classic white, open-top, vinyl pergola can brighten any outdoor space. It’s beautiful and peaceful to rest under whilst enjoying a drink with your loved ones.


3. The Sleek Pergola With A Retractable Shade-gazebos & pergolas

This steel body pergola is sleek and in addition to being weatherproof, it has a retractable shade to keep you covered from the rain and scorching midday sun!


Our Top 3 Gazebos:

1. The Aluminium Galvanized Gazebo-
gazebos & pergolas

This gazebo is a powerful structure topped with a pagoda-style roof and is perfect for any season. The galvanized roof can protect you from both the sun and rain, keeping you dry but at the same time as it is open from the sides, so you can enjoy the cool breeze and beautiful garden views.


2. The Sleek & Shady Gazebo-

This sleek steel-framed gazebo is not only sturdy but also cozy as you have a weatherproof canopy with curtains that allow privacy as well as keep you protected from the harsh midday sun while you lunch with your loved ones.


3. The Thatched Roof Gazebo-

If you are cultural or want to add a splash of culture to your garden then a thatched roof gazebo is just what you need. It’s cozy & fun, provides shelter from the sun and rain and what’s even great is that during the summers you won’t heat up as the thatched roof is known to be approximately 10 degrees cooler during summers.


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