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16 Sep, 2021
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Gardening Tools For Every Gardener – H&S Homes & Gardens

5 Gardening Tools That Every Gardener Must Have When Gardening!

With a lot of time spent indoors these days, have you turned to gardening so you can escape the mundane chores, & enjoy time as well as that fresh air? Is your garden is tip-top & are your plants well looked after? Do you enjoy gardening? Have you been dreaming of that perfect garden? Then here are the must-have gardening tools you need even in your most basic toolkit, to achieve your dream garden!

Check out top 5 gardening tools for you to create your perfect, dream garden.

1. Gloves- Safety First!

gardening toolsWhilst gardening it’s important to protect your hands and wear gloves. You’re dealing with a lot of bacteria as well as prickly plants such as roses which can easily cause injuries. Whilst picking the gloves make sure they are thick but not too bulky.


2. Rake It Up!-

This tool is handy especially when cleaning leaves that fall during autumn on your plant beds and grass. It helps keep the garden pretty but also ensures that the plant beds and grass are not covered and can benefit from the sunlight.


3. Spade Up!-

gardening toolsAnother basic tool that comes super handy when landscaping. It also helps move the mud/dirt around easily. For flowers with bigger roots which need planting a spade comes handier than a hand trowel as it saves more time digging.


4. Watering Can-

This tool is a must-have as all plants need water to thrive. The nozzle of a watering can help ensure the plant gets an even coverage of water and this is why a watering can is handy. If you want to be eco-friendly and not waste tap water you can allow your watering can to collect rainwater and use that instead of tap water.


5. Fork It-

gardening toolsThis tool is perfect for turning soil & spreading compost! When working with thick soil a fork is your best friend. You can also use its side to break larger pieces of mud into smaller ones.


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