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22 Apr, 2021
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Fundraiser -Neutering For Wildlife Conservation

Kipini Conservation Fundraiser With Raabia & Nusrat

fundraiserHonorary KWS Ranger, Raabia Hawa approached Pwani Animal Welfare with a desperate need to relocate the feral cats that were hunting reptiles, small mammals, and birds vital to the balance of the Kipini Conservation Ecosystem. We both love cats but as an invasive species that is threatening the habitat of so many other native wildlife species in the area, the situation is critical and needs to be handled as soon as possible.

Kipini Conservancy is a unique Coastal rainforest ecosystem. Thriving in wildlife and even endemic species, it is a haven for biodiversity second to none. Over the years, the human population has encroached onto this vital ecosystem, that hosts critical habitat for elephants, lions, and noted endemic species found nowhere else in the world. We must protect all the species that live within this space if it is to continue to survive in balance.

We need to urgently repair this situation and need your support to embark on a trap-neuter program for over 50 cats in the area. Your contribution will cover medical and consumables costs, veterinarian services, and our transportation to the area.

We are determined to hit this goal so the species of reptiles, mammals and birds in that habitat are not rendered extinct by invasive feral cat colonies.

Please support this fundraiser and help us get a step closer to protecting the important biodiversity in Kipini Conservancy while maintaining animal welfare for domestic animals as well.

We can only do it together. We can’t thank you enough for helping!

                                              Raabia – Ulinzi Africa Foundation & Nusrat – Pwani Animal Welfare

Let’s Do Our Bit To Save & Protect Our Wildlife!

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