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16 Apr, 2021
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fruits & vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables For Your Pet! – H&S Pets Galore

Fruits & Vegetables Your Pets Can Eat Safely

fruits & vegetables

It’s a no brainer that cats & dogs are carnivores, but did you know you can include some fruits and vegetables as part of their healthy diet, that not only make a good substitute to the commercial pet treats but can also be beneficial to your furry friends? However, it’s advisable to take caution when introducing fruits & vegetables into your pet’s diet as this can lead to stomach issues and so it’s also advisable to also consult your vet before introducing a new fruit or veggie in their diet. Below is a list of fruits & vegetables your pets can enjoy:

3 Safe ABC Fruits For Your Pet-

1. Apples- These are safe in moderate amounts for both cats & dogs especially for senior pets who may have a slower metabolism. They make a great snack and are packed with fibre which can be good for the digestive system and Vitamins A & C which are essential for maintaining healthy bones & tissues. Remember the seeds contain cyanide and it’s important to remove the core and the seeds before giving your pet this treat.

2. Bananas- Another good alternative to the factory processed treats. This fruit is good in moderation as it contains potassium which is good for heart & kidney functions. Apart from the potassium, they contain fibre, biotin, good vitamins and copper as well as low in cholesterol and sodium. But because they are sweet it’s advised to give them as an occasional treat and not included as part of the main diet.

4. Cranberries- These fruits are known to prevent UTI’s in not just humans but also cats & dogs. They are rich in fibre, Vitamin C, manganese and are therefore the perfect treat for your pet.

3 Safe ABC Veggies For Your Pet-

1. Asparagus- These are not only high in fibre but also contain a good amount of vitamins and like bananas are rich in potassium. However, when feeding your pet asparagus it’s best to steam these because your pet can choke on the stalks of the raw asparagus.

2. Broccoli- Broccoli is high in fibre & and vitamin C but can cause flatulence in some dogs. It’s therefore advisable to give small pieces in small amounts as these can make a good treat for both cats and dogs. To avoid choking cut the stalks and stick to the florets only.

3. Carrots- The low calory treats are good as they’re high in fibre. For dogs you can give them raw carrots to munch on as a treat it’s good for their teeth and they also contain beta-carotene which helps keep the eyes and skin healthy. For cats, it’s advisable to steam or bake before serving or you can steam and mash and mix it with their boiled chicken or meat before serving.

There are many other fruits that your pet can indulge in but just remember to always consult your vet before introducing a new fruit or veggie in your pet’s diet.

What fruit or vegetable does your furry friend enjoy?

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