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13 Aug, 2022
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parthenium pullout

FoNNaP: Nairobi National Park Parthenium Pullout Exercise

FoNNaP Is Having A Parthenium Pullout Exercise In The Nairobi National Park This Saturday, 8th Of January

parthenium pullout

FoNNaP is on a mission to eradicate invasive species from Nairobi National Park. The plant species of interest is Parthenium Hysterophorous that is spreading very fast. To control the weed and eradicate it in the long run, youth volunteers will team up on 8th January for mechanical control. Please join us or you can also support this initiative financially to facilitate transport and snacks for the volunteers, purchase of hand gloves and digging tools. Donations can be sent via Mpesa Buy Goods Till Number 275211, Friends Of Nairobi National Park.

Meet at KWS MAIN GATE this Saturday 8th January at 7:45am.

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