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01 Jul, 2022
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Birdwalk At Karura Forest!

FoNNaP: Birdwalk At Karura Forest!

FoNNaP Is Having A Birdwalk At Karura Forest This Saturday, 28th Of May

birdwalk at Karura

This Saturday, 28th of May, FoNNaP has organized a birdwalk at Karura Forest, for one and all! The birdwalk participants will convene at the Limuru gate. Come and bring a friend to explore nature in all its glory!

Charges: Non-members- KES 1,200, Members- KES 1,000, Students- KES 500

Payments can be made via Mpesa Buy Goods till number 275211, Friends of Nairobi National Park

Meet at LIMURU GATE this Saturday, 28th May at 6:30am.

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