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01 Jul, 2022
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Fear! – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Is Fear Keeping You Stuck?

People are afraid of the unknown because they are taught to fear what they cannot control.

A lot of people try to control reality as a way to make themselves feel safe. They construct limited lives for themselves, with narrow comfort zones they won’t venture outside, and with rigid boundaries.

Fear controls us by limiting the scope of possibility we can perceive. That’s why when I see people who love to live in their “Comfort Zones”, I know immediately that they’ve missed out on a lot of opportunities.

Rules, Patterns and Formulas have been created to indoctrinate human with what has been identified as the “box mentality.” When you think about it, everything is a BOX: we drive in square boxes along streets shaped like rectangles that intersect at sharp angles. We walk on rectangle-shaped side walks forged of square concrete slabs. We enter rectangular buildings through rectangular doors, sit at rectangular desks, stare at rectangular screens, & daydream through square windows.

With all this structure, our brains are being forced into restricted neurological functioning, limiting our ability to expand beyond the defined scope of a box mentality.

This is a critical time for humanity; as the layers of illusion are thinning, we are being asked to step into our fear of the unknown and embrace it. You can’t control pure potential, and you can’t control the unknown.

For some people, this is intimidating. For some, this is the opportunity to take responsibility as quantum creators.

What is keeping you back? Are you afraid of False Evidences Appearing Real (F.E.A.R) or False EMOTIONS appearing real (also F.E.A.R)? Most of us are afraid of the emotions that are attached to the unknown – feeling uncertain, feeling unsure, feeling like you will fail. If you take charge of your F.E.A.R (once you have identified which one you resonate with) you will be able to navigate further and beyond what you had imagined.

Hope you are ready to step out of the BOX!


fearAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach

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