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FAKRO Roof Products By Classic Mouldings!

Classic Mouldings

Classic Mouldings Ltd

Classic Mouldings Ltd is a leading distributor of FAKRO® which offers a wide range of products to transform attics into comfortable living spaces.



These supply interior space with natural lighting where there is no opportunity to install roof or vertical windows or skylights. A solution to dimly lit living interior, a light tunnel captures the sunlight and operates by bouncing captured sunlight through a highly reflective, mirror-like light pipe. -Tests show that our light tunnels capture sunlight, even when the sun’s angle is low.

FAKRO Roof Products By Classic Mouldings!




At a time when every available space at the office and home is key, the invention of roof windows is enabling space maximisers utilise all available space including that directly below the pitched roof of a house, otherwise known as the attic. Roof Windows let you transform attic spaces into beautiful living areas filled with daylight and fresh air. They are sourced from world-renowned supplier, FAKRO. The windows come in different styles to suite your needs.



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