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29 Sep, 2022
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fake love

Fake Love Vs. True Love – H&S Love Affair

9 Signs It’s Fake Love & Not True Love
fake love

Just because you have felt a strong connection with someone doesn’t make it ‘true love’. You need to understand that “True love is inexhaustible; the more you give, the more you have”. It’s not easy to find a true lover, and it’s important to understand what is real vs fake in order to avoid being sucked into a toxic relationship and end up being heartbroken. So how do you spot the differences between true love and fake love and avoid wasting your time on the wrong person?

  1. MIXED SIGNALS- Is he/she giving out mixed signals? Love you, love you not? If you find yourself constantly questioning whether he/she loves you or not, then you know you are wasting your time! A person who genuinely loves another will show it in actions and words. The behaviour and body language won’t be confusing.
  2. LACK OF TRUST- If your partner keeps doubting you and doesn’t trust you then you know that this is a sign of fake love because true love would have “TRUST”.
  3.  TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE- If it is too good to be true chances are it’s not!
  4. GIVES UP EASILY- If you have an argument or a misunderstanding and your partner gives up easily and doesn’t feel the need to mend things then you know it’s not meant to be!
  5. DECEITFUL- Too many secrets or lies? If a lot of secrecy and lies are involved then you need to be wary. If your partner can’t be honest with you be it big things or small things related, then how can you possibly believe it’s real love?
  6. TOXIC- If you feel belittled, and demotivated after the shaming/ridiculing and if there’s fighting and bickering, the kind that destroys your inner peace, happiness, and good life then you know it’s not real love. A person who truly loves you will always encourage you and inspire you as they look out for you. If you are being shamed and always compared to someone else or forced to change you and become someone or something you’re not then that’s fake love for you!
  7. CONTROLLING- Do you feel controlled? If your day is planned out for you, and what you wear who you meet is decided for you then you know that you are not in the right relationship!
  8. HIDDEN AGENDA- The hidden agenda could be for money, lust, reputation, attention, etc related to the person’s needs. If there is a motive behind it then it’s not true love!
  9. ME, MYSELF & I- If it’s all for selfish reasons without giving care to your needs and always putting you last, then you know it’s fake!


What does love mean to you?

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