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Fairway Woods Or 'Spoons' - By Anokh Jai

Fairway Woods Or ‘Spoons’ – By Anokh Jai

Fairway Woods – By Anokh Jai

Fairway woods, traditionally called ‘Spoons’ are the second subset of the Woods family (Drivers being the first). Not as exciting as the Drivers, Fairway Woods cover 2 areas of the game for most golfers:
1. Off the tee as an alternative to the Driver
2. Off the fairway into a Par 5 or long Par 4

I remember when I started my golf about 25 years ago, most golfers would have anywhere from 2-3 fairway woods in their bag, most commonly being the 3, 5, & 7 woods. However in the last 15 years, i have seen a drastic change in the composition of fairway woods in most golfers’ bags. Most golfers now will have between 1 & 2 Fairway woods in their bag, with the 3 wood being the most common.
There are a couple of major factors that have led to this change in the bag make-up.
1. As with the Drivers, manufacturers are developing adjustable Fairway Woods that travel higher and longer
2. The evolution of Hybrids. Golfers now have a choice between a 5 & 7 wood or a couple of Hybrids when looking to cover the 220 – 260 yard distance. It comes down to what club is going to be easier for you to play consistently.

A simple bag mapping session will help you determine what distances you are hitting each club in your bag consistently. This will help you determine what equipment to set up in the bag to ensure that you are able to cover distances easier.

*Inside Scoop* Best Fairway Woods of 2018:

#1: Tour Exotics CBX
#2: Callaway Rogue
#3: Callaway Rogue Sub Zero
#4: Cobra King F8 (Soon to be replaced by the King F9)
#5: Wilson Staff C300

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