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18 Apr, 2021
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brain exercises

Exercises For A Healthy Brain – H&S Sports & Fitness

4 Brain Exercises That Will Help Improve Memory & Concentration

brain exercises

Exercising regularly helps keeps you stay fit and healthy as well as reduces signs of ageing and this isn’t just true for the body but for all the different organs in your body including your brain. That’s right, we normally forget to apply this to out brain which also requires regular exercising to keep it fit and healthy and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Below are some of the exercises that work on preserving your memory and improving your concentration.

1. Multi-coloured Text

This is a very simple exercise but not as simple as you may perceive it. Below are some words written in different colours. Try saying the name of the colour in which each of the words is written, then try this in reverse order. It’s a great exercise to improve concentration as well as attention-switching abilities because text perception and colour perception are located in different hemispheres of the brain. This helps to establish new connections between the two hemispheres thereby preventing Alzheimer’s. Practice daily and you will notice your concentration improve.

2. Schulte Table

A Schulte table is a grid with numbers or letters distributed randomly. It is used for developing speed reading, peripheral vision, attention and visual perception. You can begin by focusing on 11, then within 10 seconds try and find all the numbers visually from 1 to 15.

12     2      4        14
   15     11    9     1
 13          8     5    10


3. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles help strengthen your brain and are protective for visuospatial cognitive ageing. It’s therefore the perfect way to exercise your brain as it recruits multiple cognitive abilities.

4. Simultaneous Different Hand Gestures

Starting with your right hand, trying making a rock just like when playing rock papers scissors, and with your left hand make scissors. Now try alternating both hands simultaneously. It’s not as easy as it sounds! This is a great exercise for attention building and helps to switch from one task to another.


Try the above brain exercises daily!

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