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Everything You Need To Know About Pillows! - H&S Homes & Gardens

Everything You Need To Know About Pillows! – H&S Homes & Gardens

Pillows To Pick From For A Good Night’s Sleep!

When it comes to a good night’s rest a pillow is one of the main factors that helps determine a good night’s rest as a good sleep position is the key to a peaceful uninterrupted slumber & the key to waking pain free! If your neck & shoulders don’t get the right support, this can disrupt the body alignment leading to pressure, & discomfort around the neck, shoulders & back leading to sleeplessness.We have therefore picked for you 2 pillows which are the best to relieve pains associated with the neck & can thus help you sleep like a baby all through the night! If you have been wanting to find out which pillow you should go for then keep reading this section to find out more!

Pillows are made from different materials, you can have the natural pillows made from goose or duck down & feathers which are lighter & last longer and are therefore more expensive than the ordinary synthetic or polyester pillows. For hypersensitive individuals there is also hypoallergenic pillows referred to as hypodown!

Pillow Vs Sleep Position:

  1. Side Sleepers- A firm pillow is needed. Look for something that is as thick as the distance between your ear & your shoulders.
  2. Stomach Sleepers- A soft pillow is needed. A pillow under the stomach & Pelvis may help reduce back pain.
  3. Back Sleepers- A flat, soft pillow is needed that keeps the head & neck aligned.

When should one replace their Pillow?

  1. As a rule, pillows should be replaced every 18 months unless they are made of memory foam in which case they can be replaced after a couple of years.
  2. If you are not being able to sleep comfortably and are not getting enough support then it’s time to replace your pillow.
  3. If your pillow has stains/sweat is torn/smelly then it’s time you change your pillow. As old pillows are a haven for dust mites, dead skin cells, mold etc that can interfere with sleep & cause allergies.
  4. Try the folding test- fold the pillow in half does it bounce back? If not then it’s time to replace it!

2 Pillows That Help Reduce Neck Pain & Induce Uninterrupted Slumber

1. Water Pillows-

Water pillows have been the hot topic for a very long time and are no longer unconventional. They are perfect to reduce neck pains in any sleep position & help improve quality of sleep. A good quality water pillow can range from 40 USD to 100USD depending on the make!

2. Memory Foam Pillows-

As the name suggests the memory foam pillow is made of pure memory foam. This pillow contours your body well especially around the neck area giving extra support to your neck, reducing neck pain & allowing you to fall into deep peaceful slumber without any issues. This pillow is also highly recommended for all those who sleep on their back or on their side! You can easily get a good memory foam pillow for as low as 40USD!