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01 Mar, 2024
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Everything I Know About Love: A Memoir - Navigating Love, Laughter, and Life- H&S Magazine Kenya

Everything I Know About Love: A Memoir – Navigating Love, Laughter, and Life

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Everything I Know About Love: A Memoir by Dolly Alderton

Genre: Memoir, Non-Fiction, Humour

Celebrating Love, Friendship, and Life: A Valentine’s Day Book Review

As Valentine’s Day approaches, what could be more fitting than celebrating love, friendship, and the beautiful chaos of life? Dolly Alderton’s New York Times Bestseller, “Everything I Know About Love,” is the perfect companion for this heartfelt occasion.


A New York Times Bestseller Worth Streaming

Already a New York Times Bestseller, Dolly Alderton’s book is now also available for streaming on Peacock. Such recognition is well-deserved for a writer as exceptional as Alderton.

Renowned author Lisa Taddeo, famous for her #1 New York Times bestseller “Three Women,” praises Dolly Alderton as a unique voice in the literary world. Lisa is confident that Alderton’s talent will soon captivate readers worldwide.


A Journey Through Life’s Ups and Downs

“Everything I Know About Love” is a wildly funny, occasionally heartbreaking, and internationally bestselling memoir. In its pages, Alderton navigates the tumultuous waters of growing up and growing older. She candidly shares her experiences of falling in love, finding her footing in the job market, revelling in drunken escapades, enduring heartbreak, and discovering that Ivan from the corner shop might just be the most reliable man in her life.

Everything I Know About Love: A Memoir by Dolly Alderton

From Bad Dates to Lifelong Friendships

At its core, “Everything I Know About Love” is about more than just romance. It’s a heartfelt tribute to the importance of enduring friendships, even during the most challenging times. Alderton reminds us that amidst the ups and downs of life, the love and support of our closest companions are invaluable.

A Tapestry of Wit, Insight, and Humour

Alderton’s memoir is a tapestry woven with wit, insight, heart, and humour. It combines personal anecdotes, satirical observations, lists, recipes, and vignettes that resonate with women of all ages. Reading it is like having a candid conversation with your best friends, prompting you to pick up the phone and share your own stories.


A Modern-Day Bridget Jones’s Diary

For those who loved the humour and authenticity of “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” Alderton’s memoir offers a contemporary, real-life version of the same. It delves into the trials and tribulations of early adulthood, capturing the terrifying yet hopeful uncertainties that accompany this stage of life.


About The Author

Meet Dolly Alderton

Meet Dolly Alderton

Dolly Alderton is not just a writer; she’s a sparkling Roman candle of talent. Her unique ability to engage with the wonders and weirdness of the world sets her apart. This memoir showcases her maturity and sophisticated evolution as a writer.


Love, Friendship, and Life’s Beautiful Chaos

As Valentine’s Day approaches, “Everything I Know About Love” reminds us of the multifaceted nature of love, the enduring value of friendships, and the beauty found in life’s unpredictability. It’s a heartfelt exploration of the trials and triumphs of adulthood, wrapped in humour and genuine emotion.


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