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05 Dec, 2021
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Entryway Ideas – H&S Homes & Gardens

Top 4 Entryway Ideas For Apartments

Apartments are usually small compact spaces with entryways that may lack space and/or light, however, that isn’t an excuse for not having a splendid entryway. Remember, an entryway is the first space that a guest walks by and it should be welcoming as well create a great first impression. Below are some of our top entryway ideas to create a welcoming, wonderful first impression!

1. Opt For Simple, Single Coloured Furniture-

entryway ideas
Keep it sleek and simple by focusing on one colour. Using minimal furniture in black for example makes the entryway feel larger than it is. The trick is to keep it simple for an uncluttered look.


2. Opt For An Entryway Bench-

entryway ideas
A bench in the entryway is not only practical but also pretty and can add a lot of character to the apartment. It’s even better to have a bench with storage space as this can be very useful.


3. Opt For Layers-

Textures add layers to a space, & what’s better than adding textures to the entryway to make it stand out? An entryway with artwork or a mirror, a rug, and a console can bring your apartment to life!


4. Opt For A Large Mirror-

A large mirror in the entryway reflects light, making a smaller apartment appear larger. It’s all about placing the mirror strategically so that the space feels bigger and brighter.

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