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01 Dec, 2022
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don't survive thrive

Don’t Survive, Thrive! – H&S Love Affair

Don’t Survive, Thrive: Your Relationship Should NEVER Be In ‘Survival Mode’!don't survive thrive

It is so common for people to get into the ‘survival mode’ especially when it comes to long term relationships. Why because, it’s the easy thing to do. Just like when you are in constant danger your brain gets wired to help you deal with the danger. This, however, should never be the case. What does being in a “survival mode” in a relationship mean? You being in a relationship with your partner and sticking around, even when you are experiencing constant stress from your partner, feeling anxious or upset around them or being constantly ‘on edge’ for whatever reasons, then you know your relationship is in ‘survival mode’. What you need to be doing is the complete opposite i.e. ‘Thriving’ in your relationship! So the next question then is how to switch from ‘Survival Mode’ to ‘Thriving Mode’? This switch is not as easy as it sounds. It requires ‘letting go’ of all uncertainties, insecurities and jumping in with faith knowing that all will be well in the end. This positive mindset is achievable but can be difficult to attain especially if one has trust issues, feelings of guilt and fears based around their past relationships. It’s thus important to be present in the current relationship and go with the mindset that the end result with be a ‘happy one’. And in order to achieve this you need to start by searching within and eliminate everything that blocks you from having a successful relationship, only then can you thrive and blossom. Remember, you can’t live in constant fear, with non-stop anxiety and suffering. So, for example, if you know fear is the reason your relationship is in survival mode, work on eliminating your fear.

3 Things You Can Practice, To keep Your Relationship In The ‘Thriving Mode’-

1. Breathing Exercises-  Just taking deep breaths and envisioning that with each breath you take, you are ‘letting go’ of whatever it is (guilt, fear, etc.) that is pushing your relationship in survival mode.

2. Gratitude- Have your daily gratitude list where you write 1 thing daily, for which you are grateful for in your relationship. It could be for instance ‘I am grateful to have a caring partner’. These little reminders will help you see why you have so much to be grateful for and will help you thrive.

3. Make Time!- Spend some quality time with your partner for some relaxation, laughter and love. Nourishing your connection with your partner will keep you in the thriving mode.


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