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11 Aug, 2022
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Does she want you to chase her

Does She Want You To Chase Her? – H&S Love Affair

How Can You Tell If Your Woman Wants You To Chase Her?

does she want you to chase her

When it comes to romantic relationships, you may come across a partner chasing the other. Now there’s nothing wrong with chasing provided your woman wants to be chased, the issue only comes about when there’s no clarity on whether your partner wants you to chase them or not! What if you are reading it all wrong and are appearing like a stalker, making her feel uncomfortable/threatened? It’s important to realize every woman is different, and the ‘chase’ isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea, while some women enjoy being chased, others find it absolutely annoying and don’t like the idea of ‘playing games’. So how do you know what category does your woman fall in to, i.e. does she want to be chased or not? The answer is in the questions below!

Here Are 5 Important Questions To Ask Yourself, To Know If Your Woman Wants To Be Chased:

1. How Does She Respond To Your Texts?- This is a tell-tale sign, if your woman responds to your texts without keeping you waiting, and uses certain emojis, it may mean that she wants you to chase her.

2. Does She Think About You & Miss You?- Whether she says it or shows it to you, if she is thinking about you and missing you, then you know she wants you to chase her.

3. How Does She Behave Around You?- Is she dressed well when you are together, and is she always smiling and happy to be in your company? Is she comfortable when she speaks with you? If all the answers are yes, then you know she wants you to chase her.

4. Do Your Conversations Flow?- Are your conversations effortless, comfortable and smooth? Does she enjoy all conversations with you? Does she like to have real conversations and asks questions about your career, interests, or talk about her personality? Does she make you feel comfortable to ask her anything? If the answers are yes, then you know she wants to be chased!

5. Is She Sensitive About Your Feelings?- If she likes you and wants you to pursue her, she will try not to anger or upset you. If she feels you may have been upset by something, you may hear her apologizing and giving you a lengthy explanation for her action. Just know that she cares about you and is keen on you chasing her!



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