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13 Jun, 2024
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Determine Your Skin Type With Dipali Shah


Have you ever tried some “amazing” new skincare products only to notice they do nothing, or make your skin worse?

They might have been wrong for your skin type. Skincare products aren’t one-size-fits-all magic potions, so it’s important to know what type of skin you’re working with to get the most out of your skincare routine.

Why Do I Need To Know My Skin Type?

If you misjudge your skin type and use the wrong products, it can aggravate your skin and can lead to irritation, excess oil, breakouts or drying out skin, making wrinkles more visible.

Always keep this in mind when choosing skincare products- You should get a solid skincare routine of products that match your skin type.

What Determines Your Skin Type?

➡Simple Genetics – The biggest one is your genes! They decide how dry/oily or sensitive your skin will be. You might inherit your skin type &/or issues.

➡Climate – A new environment can change your skin type, sometimes for the better!

➡Hormones – Our hormones fluctuate at different times in our lives which can affect our skin’s behaviour.

➡Medications – Can cause your skin to become drier or more sensitive as a side effect.

➡Diet/Allergies – Your daily cravings and needs can definitely affect your skin for better or for worse.
Talk to your doc if you think a food allergy might be the the cause.

Just Follow These Simple Steps & Determine Your Skin Type!!

Step 1:
Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove all makeup, oil and dirt.

Step 2:
Pat face dry with a soft towel and leave skin bare. Don’t apply any moisturizer or serum. Let your skin act naturally.

Step 3:
Wait 1 hour. During this time don’t touch your face. After an hour, look closely and note the quality of your skin.

After washing your face & waiting an hour..

1) Does it feel itchy and tight? Do you have flaky patches?

2) Is it shiny? Does it feel greasy especially in your T-Zone area?

3) Is your T-Zone oily but cheeks and jawline dry?

4) Does it feel good and even? Not dry or oily?

5) Does it get red and irritated or sometimes itchy and inflamed?

There you go.. the key way to know your skin type…

So start today and identify your skin and get into the perfect skin care routine for YOU!

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