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22 Apr, 2021
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Decomagna Ltd- The Official Distributor To Quick-Step in Kenya & East Africa

Decomagna Ltd: Launches The NEW ENDURANCE Collection In Kenya…

Decomagna Ltd- The Official Distributor To Quick-Step in Kenya & East Africa

Quick Step- Decomagna Ltd- The Official Distributor To Quick-Step in Kenya & East Africa



Launches The NEW ENDURANCE Collection In Kenya…

The long waited ENDURANCE Quick-Step original laminate flooring is set out to hit the market in Kenya in April.

This collection has been at the forefront of new technologies and efforts implemented by Quick-Step to create a perfect balance between the time tested Quick-Step worldwide reputation, including the patented Uniclic locking mechanism, Scratch-guard surface protector, ultra high density fibreboard (UHDF), even more water-proof than its predecessor, all the while still retaining a budget friendly price-tag that’s accommodating to most homeowners looking for a flooring solution that would last a lifetime!

In stark contrast with other flooring products such as timber, tiles, mkeka vinyl or spc, Quick-Step laminate flooring has always been a superior product in terms of durability against scratches, tears, breakages and arguably even water-resistance (mostly due to its patented hydroseal technology), most would be surprised by its price tag, that is set to fall at 2090 Ksh per m2 (VAT inclusive).


So what floor should I invest in?

Decomagna ltd offers a variety of flooring solutions from Mkeka cushion vinyl flooring, to Engineered wood flooring, to polished cementitious screeds and laminate flooring.

Based on your requirements (private home, rental home, commercial building, restaurant, etc) and budget, Decomagna ltd assigns all it’s customers to a customer representative agent, who is tasked to explore with you the best floor type and decor for your application.


In short:

• Decomagna ltd recommends the Mkeka type cushion sheet vinyl rolls for those working on a budget but still wants to buy an original floor that is made in Belgium.
The Mkeka type flooring is also an ideal flooring solution for people who are living in rented homes and are planning on moving out at some point.
This all goes back to the warranties provided by floor type, the Mkeka type holding a 5 years warranty.
Decomagna ltd offer two types of Mkeka vinyl flooring types, the cushion backing and fibre backing.

• By far the best solution, in terms of cost vs quality is the laminate flooring.
These range from 7mm (AC4 – up to moderate commercial usage) to 12mm (AC5 – heavy commercial usage) with ultra high density fibreboard.
The laminate collections range from 15 to 25 years warranty with a 10 years wet area warranty, meaning that they are also compatible with domestic bathrooms and kitchens.

As with the mkeka sheet vinyl flooring, the laminate flooring by Quick-Step does not need glue to install and as such can always be removed later on without any damages to the flooring underneath.

A big advantage of laminate flooring over the Mkeka, when installing over pre-existing tiles and also uneven flooring is that, due to the rigid nature of the material, you eliminate the progressive visibility of ripples (grouting edges) or roughness.

Generally speaking mkeka sheet vinyl needs to be installed on very smooth flooring in order to achieve good results, a detail which is often overlooked.

• The new Quick-Step rigid backing AFFINITY vinyl flooring is also set to hit the Kenyan market early 2021, marking its way into an untapped market segment for commercial applications that also require fully waterproofing.
Unlike the domestic grade waterproofing given on the laminate collection, the AFFINITY collection is designed for commercial kitchens, hospitals and other areas that are prone to frequent exposure to hot water, steam, oils, etc…
As a click vinyl this type of PVC does not require any glue for installation and as such has a relatively low installation cost and a rating of VOC A+.

Unlike it’s SPC counterparts, which are partially made with cement (which is brittle and can be broken), the rigid PVC is flexible enough to endure heavy loads without cracking or tearing, making it more suitable for high traffic areas.

• The IVC Concept-70 is an industrial grade (class 43 | AC6) grade flooring that is designed to withstand the toughest of conditions and is designed to be installed in extremely high traffic areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, airports, train-stations and other common areas.
The 0.7mm wear layer and high density impact resistant backing is designed to be anti static and has a castor wheel resistance rating that makes it applicable in areas where forklifts and other machinery are expected to be operating.


Discover The Latest Flooring Trends In Kenya With Original Quick-Step And IVC Products.

Decomagna ltd has been at the forefront of the flooring industry in Kenya over the last five years, as direct agents to the world renown Belgian brands, Quick-Step and IVC.


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Decomagna Ltd- The Official Distributor To Quick-Step in Kenya & East Africa


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