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16 Sep, 2021
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crystal alchemy

Crystal Alchemy Part 2 – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Crystal Alchemy: A Look Into The World Of Healing Rocks

Part 2: How Crystals Affect Our Bodies?

You learned in the previous article, last week that our body has a unique frequency at which it vibrates. Your body is obviously made up of organs, as well as your thoughts and beliefs which also vibrate at different frequencies (enter Law of Attraction). Meridians, what Acupuncturists follow to administer treatment, run through your body acting as conduits that carry this energetic vibration to various parts of your body.

Let’s look at this more practically. Your body contains nerves that carry signals from your brain to all parts of your body and back again. When something interrupts the flow of this signal, an injury or a dead cell, the signal stops, and your body falls into a state of “dis-ease” (disease). We then experience this as symptoms or illness of the body, mind, or spirit.

Your Energy Body

Just like you have a physical body with nerve endings that carry signals to your brain, similarly you also have an energetic body with pathways (meridians) that connect your subtle (energetic) body to your physical body. In traditional medicine, they are known as Chakras (Sanskrit for Wheels of Life).

When the flow of energy is interrupted along a meridian it can cause emotional, spiritual, mental, and/or physical blocks. When your body is in dis-ease, it is a way of your body telling you that there is an energy block somewhere along a meridian.

There could be an overflow of this energy or under-flow, or it may have been completely blocked off causing your body to vibrate at a much lower frequency. In such a situation, Crystals can help to rebalance the flow of energy or clear out any blocks, by entrainment (allowing the body’s energy to match that of the crystal).

Depending on the atomic structure of the Crystal (studied using crystallography), different crystals affect the body differently.

Join me next week as I take you through how to work with crystals. And remember, as always to Vibrate High!


crystal alchemyAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach

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