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31 Jan, 2023
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Create Your Future

Create Your Future – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Create Your Future, Manifest Your Greatness! – Submitted by Shahwana

Your present state creates your future, as your past was creating your now. So, what are we manifesting as our goals and plans, the year is ahead, have we got goals that we need to accomplish do we put them into a planning chart?

Have we categorized life into sections? Have we got plans for what we need to achieve and how?
• Health
• Relationship
• Finances
• Spiritual Growth

Perhaps these are the important, critical parts of life.

Now many of us work and work, we ignore the signs the body gives when not well, so here the goal at times is survival. With that, we pay a heavy price whilst the rest of the priorities in line are ignored. By the time we want to make the changes, it’s too late.

How about shifting the pattern and changing life’s goals and giving priority to things that matter?

What would you mark as No 1 priority?

What steps would you take to make that change?

Action plan as we would say; by when (what is your deadline), and how (how do you intend to achieve it)?

Once we have identified the important factors to great living, we create by the present moment, which is shaping our future.

Many think I will give to prayers and meditation when I have retired. Or I will take that holiday when I retire as I have saved enough, by the time retirement age comes, many are still on the desk with the 9 – 5 job, as the goals were not met, because many other things took priority without taking notice, & realizing how fast time flew by.

So what can we do? First, demarcate goals into short-term, mid-term and long-term, prioritize what’s important. Next, ask yourself, when do I need this to happen by, and how will I achieve it? That helps with the start line. Always review your career goals, as everything is subject to change, nothing is permanent, keep that in mind. Now, without budgets financially, there will be a gap. Invest in your Karma Bank, how’s that done? By tithing – Donating at least 10% of your net income, after taxes, on a monthly basis.

‘‘It is in giving that one receives’’, we have to exhale and inhale, that’s how the law of nature works.

Clear your mind and keep aside distractions. Give 10 minutes on reflection of your daily life, go through your day and make a checklist of what you were targeted to do and what’s pending, and what you will do about it tomorrow, and don’t forget the how. Remember, you are the creator of life.

Your vision of life is important, once you have a clear idea of what’s important to you and what you’re capable of, it is time to focus on what that looks like. See your vision for yourself in full detail, as if it were already completed. Imagine every single angle of this vision. Feel what it would be like to embody this image. Clarity is key; you must completely know what your vision will look like from front to back, side to side, inside and out.

Believe in yourself. Your spirit lies in your belief in ‘what if’ and the possibilities of what you are capable of accomplishing. Don’t procrastinate Once you’ve developed your vision, you must take a step towards it to start the process of change. Take action now! 2023 is round the corner.

Manifest your greatness!

-An Article by Prana World

create your future

Shahwana Khanam – Pranic Healer

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