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16 May, 2021
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communication skills

Communication Skills – By Shahela Sheikh

The Importance Of Communication Skills Beyond Your Relationship – Written By Shahela Sheikh

Humans inevitably without communication would be like animals, communication is an essential part of our lives. It is needed to convey our, feelings, ideas, and thoughts to others. Effective communication does not only include clear dialogue but includes active listening.

What is active listening? It involves effectively securing information (communicated matter)
from another person or group of people. Active listening involves careful listening, understanding and further responding accordingly.

Ways on how to become an active listener:
 Pay Attention
 Show that your listening
 Provide Feedback
 Defer judgement
 Respond appropriately
 Maintain enthusiasm to ensure the communicator you’re listening
 Honour the speaker to assure them you understand
 Ask questions if need be

Benefits of active listening:
 It helps you build connections
 It helps you identify and solve problems
 It helps you avoid missing critical information
 It helps you build trust
 It helps you increase your knowledge and understanding of various topics
 Overcomes the likelihood of disagreements

Active listening is a vital part of effective human communication, it’s what makes relationships flourish and helps one partner understand the other. At work, it helps reduce errors and increases productivity. Achieving active listening is as simple as mentioned above.

Communication in romantic relationship

communication skills

Shahela Sheikh – Psychologist

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