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19 Jul, 2024
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Club Fitting- Is It For Me? – Anokh Jai

Club Fitting Is For Every Golfer! ?️ By Anokh Jai

Through my years as a Teaching Professional, I have had the opportunity to work with golfers of all ages, and skill levels. These golfers would come to me for swing coaching to help achieve their golfing goals.

Improving your golf game is a 2-prong approach. The first, being to develop a swing that your body can reproduce consistently and produce the desired results. There is no one-fix-for-all solution in this game. The second approach is to make sure that your equipment is correctly fit for your body and swing.

Today I would like to highlight the benefits of having correctly fit equipment. From my experience teaching golfers in Kenya over the last 5 years, no more than 10% of my students have correctly fit equipment. The myth has always been that club fitting is only for the better player. False!! Club fitting is for EVERY golfer.

There are many levels of club fitting that delve into all sorts of adjustments that allow the golfer to dial in down to the smallest detail their equipment. However, this level of fitting goes far beyond what most of the population require.

The basic fitting parameters that the average golfer should be concerned with are; 1. Correct Club Length, 2. Club Head Lie-Angle and, 3. Shaft Flex. With these parameters dialed in, every golfer will see an immediate improvement in their ball flight consistency.

Having incorrect club length leads to problems centering the ball on the club-face consistently, inadequate direction control or reduced distance. If your lie angles are not correct, your ball will not achieve a consistent straight flight on a well centered shot. A lie too upright (toe-up) causes the ball to start left of the target line at impact, a lie too flat (heel-up) causes the ball to start right of the target at impact. If your shaft is too stiff for you, it will lead to lower ball flight, a tendency to push and pull the ball and a loss of carry distance. If the shaft is too soft for you, it will lead to a
higher than normal trajectory, a whippy feeling, inconsistent direction control and a loss of total distance.

Anokh Jai,  AT.C
Head Teaching Professional & Club Fitter
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