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Classic Mouldings- All Natural Stone- Inspired By Nature!

Classic Mouldings- All Natural Stone- Inspired By Nature!

Classic Mouldings

Classic Mouldings Ltd

Classic Mouldings Ltd is an Interior Design & Construction services company that has been in existence since 1991. Over the years we have developed a distinct reputation for design expertise and proficiency to become one of the leading design firms in the field.

Years of experience, covering the initial creative process followed by thorough documentation and design implementations, combined with real knowledge of various cultures and operational requirements have resulted in a company capable of creating unique interior environments within required timelines.

We exemplify creativity in every sense of the word through exceptional style and reliability. We create an ambience that is impressive and inspiring to all. We offer interior design solutions to all our discerning interior magnificence conscious customers. Be it a Home, Office, Hotel or Shops, Classic Mouldings provides a complete solution all interiors design and decor.



Classic Mouldings- All Natural Stone

Classic Mouldings is on a constant search for unique natural stones from the finest quarries and the most unique processing plants worldwide. This unique new line of our natural stone selections offer modern and irresistible quality finishes to your bathrooms, kitchen and living room.


When we truly value something we stay committed – Classic Mouldings


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