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Choosing The Correct Wedge - By Anokh Jai

Choosing The Correct Wedge – By Anokh Jai

Own The Correct Wedge For The Short Distance- By Anokh Jai

Spin Machine, Pin Tickler, Mr. Bitey, I’ve heard wedges be called these names and many more. Wedges make up the most lofted clubs in the bag. Lofts on wedges range from 45* all the way up to 72* and they are designed to cover the shorter distances approaching the green and the flag stick as well as greenside and bunker play. Wedges are divided
into a few different offerings based on their loft:
Pitching Wedge (44* – 48*)
Gap Wedge (49* – 53*)
Sand Wedge (54* – 57*)
Lob Wedge (58* – 72*)

Most golfers carry between 2 and 4 wedges in their bag providing them with more than 1 option when covering short distances. Choosing which wedges to put into play to cover the shorter distances is key to improving short game results. Selecting the loft is the easy part, selecting the bounce of the sole-plate is a bit harder. ‘Bounce’ is built into
every iron but when it comes to wedges selecting the correct option is imperative to achieving consistent results.

So what is Bounce?
Bounce is the angle difference between the leading edge and the trailing edge of the clubhead. This creates the signature curve of every club’s sole-plate. Rule of thumb:- The tighter the lie, the lower bounce you want on the wedge so that you can tuck the leading edge under the ball, the fluffier the lie, the more bounce you want allowing the club to kick off the ground more (think fluffy rough lie). The bounce of the club is indicated with the loft of the wedge. Eg: 58.10* – The first number (58) indicates the loft of the club, the second number (10) indicates the bounce angle.
Low Bounce – 4* – 7*
Mid Bounce – 8* – 10*
High Bounce – 11* – 14*

Most manufacturers will offer a wedge of the same loft with different bounce and grind options. The hard part for the consumer is selecting the correct combination for their regular play.

Inside Scoop – Best Wedges of 2018
#1 – Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth
#2 – TaylorMade Milled Grind
#3 – Mizuno S18

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