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25 Jul, 2024
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father's day

Celebrate Father’s Day At Maili Saba Camp & Get 10% Off!

Maili Saba Camp

Maili Saba Camp Is Celebrating Father’s Day!

Spend this Father’s Day weekend at Maili Saba Camp, a sanctuary of tranquillity and conviviality that rejects the rigidity of modern life.

father's day

Maili Saba Camp is tucked away on the edge of the magnificent, dormant, Menengai Crater. It accommodates only twenty pampered guests at a time. It embraces a warm casual atmosphere within African Simplicity.

 If you are looking for gourmet cooking, a relaxed atmosphere and excellent yet non-intrusive service. So come celebrate you father this weekend at Maili Saba Camp!

10% Off This Father’s Day At Maili Saba Camp!!


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Maili SabaMaili Saba Camp is a subsidiary of the Ujima Foundation