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21 Jun, 2024
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Building Your Optimum Swing – Anokh Jai

How To Build Your Optimum Swing?️ By Anokh Jai

The one area that most golf coaches have difficulty with, when teaching their golf student, is the ‘feel’ of the golf swing.
‘Feel’ varies from individual to individual. Optimum ‘feel’ during the golf swing is probably the most important aspect for any golfer to achieve. The Explanar Golf Swing Training System has been dubbed the “Feel Machine”. For this reason it is being used by top golf coaches all over the world in the top teaching facilities.

Butch Harmon who is regarded as one of the top golf coaches, has only great things to say about the Explanar System: “It works!”, “Nothing like it”, “any level”, “instant improvement” and “feel”.

How to improve the golf swing is simple, yet only a very small population of golfers actually practices this. It’s simple. Practice the golf swing every day, not necessarily hitting the ball, but repeating the swing motion. Swinging everyday not only improves your golf swing, but also helps to develop your golf fitness at the same time.
A few fitness benefits of regularly carrying out golf swing drills are helping to improve the body in strength; flexibility and your hands will toughen up. Swinging about 100 times everyday will help build a repeatable motion and develop muscle memory. This not only brings awareness of where the golf club is during the swing, but will also help you to develop a more powerful swing, and best of all, will help with what most golfers are looking for –to hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently.
We understand that golfers may not be able to do this on a daily basis, however having a few key sessions on the Explanar Swing Training System that are tailored for each golfers individual body and swing will allow the golfer to understand the key aspects of their golf swing by feeling the different positions that their body should be in through the swing.

Swinging a golf club is one thing, but swinging a golf club correctly and optimally is a totally different thing. The Explanar Training System allows you to develop an optimum swing plane, not a flat or a high one. Anyone who plays golf or wants to start playing golf should be on the Explanar – it gives you a feeling of what the golf swing should be.

 The Explanar Training System is for anyone who plays golf, wants to start playing golf, or to improve your golf swing. The Explanar gives you a feeling of what your optimum golf swing plane should be.

Anokh Jai,  AT.C
Head Teaching Professional, Total Golf Solutionz Ltd.



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