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06 Dec, 2022
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Body Sculpture- Water Rowing Machine With Chest Belt

Body Sculpture- Water Rowing Machine With Chest Belt

Body Sculpture

Water Rowing Machine With Chest Belt


Product Details:

  • Water rowing machine, rowing machine with adjustable water resistance.
  • The water braking system of the rowing machine you will experience a totally new feeling in your workout, the natural resistance of the water regulates the strength used – as when rowing in nature.
  • Extra large water tank: the amount of water is adjustable, you can adjust the rudder of the water to your individual training strength.
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced.
  • Robust design: the water rowing machine provides a secure base, has adjustable footrests and can be loaded up to a body weight of 136 kg, for women and men as a training device.
  • Particularly quiet and trouble-free rowing training machine is the ideal exercise machine for effective training of the upper body, hands, legs, stomach, torso and back.
  • Description: computer with screen indicates the time, number of movements, calories burned, and incorporates a chest transmitter receiver can use the rowing machine for cardiovascular training.
    We bring you Crafted products through the most advanced technology. This product is definitely one of our pleasant products to use. We pride ourselves in an exclusive shopping experience and unrivalled variety, besides irrefutable quality. Shop till you drop. The high-quality and materials ensure that this item that will stay for a very long time. Non-toxic and harmless, no peculiar smell, you can feel comfortable to buy and use.


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