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28 Sep, 2021
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blossom your relationship

Blossom Your Relationship During This Quarantine – By Shahela Sheikh

How To Blossom Your Relationship With Your Significant Other During This Quarantine – Written By Shahela Sheikh

Every cloud has a silver lining, no matter what the situation you can make the ‘right time’ to just grow your connection with your partner. They say gratitude is essential and should not be taken for granted. There is just enough time as we are advised to stay home looking at the COVID-19 situation.

A growing seed needs water, light and soil to blossom, the essence of life for the seeds need compatible factors to blossom. Here is what psychologists believe is needed to help a relationship blossom:

  • Gratitude: Difficult times like this, shows us who the true ones are; the ones who are really there for us. During a time like this amidst this quarantine, where both you and your partner have to tolerate each other without the spark, can be utterly difficult. The first thing is to be grateful to your partner, for having them closer to you. Acknowledge what your partner does for you, whether it’s the simple chores like cooking and cleaning, just essential to show
  • Speak The Language Of Love: It’s important to speak with words that complement each other, having that romantic talk with your significant other could actually blossom your relationship. It needs to be sincere, intimate, and full of feelings right from the heart.
  •  Freedom: During this time one can feel claustrophobic, therefore being able to make your partner feel free could actually help them feel more relaxed and connected. Having a sense of freedom and independence makes your partner more attracted to you.
  • Trust: This is the time to take to build ‘trust’. Honesty and trust are the highest forms of intimacy. If you tell a lie once, then all your truths can become questionable. When you are honest, you produce honest actions and reactions. Have honest conversations that connect and increase your intimacy!
  • Keep The Physical Intimacy Going: Sex is an important factor when it comes to a relationship. The pleasure could actually help your partner relieve stress and feel connected to you. Make sure you set out some time to make love and use physical gestures like hugging and kissing!

Blossom Your Relationship During This Quarantine – By Shahela Sheikh

blossom your relationship

Shahela Sheikh – Psychologist

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