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11 Apr, 2024
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Best Chimes For A Musical 2018- WeMadeThis by Dee & Vish!


Bringing Music To Your Homes, Gardens, Surroundings & T0 Your Life- Chimes By WeMadeThis

Chimes go way back to the time of the Ancient Roman era where they were hung in gardens, where they were often combined with bells which were believed to ward off evil spirits. They were also very popular in Eastern and Southern Asia hung in the Pagodas under corners and roofs of the temples, palaces and homes. Even today they are still used for the flow of Chi, life’s energy. In the Chinese system of harmonising humans with the surrounding environment to create balance called as Feng Shui uses chimes too.

Chimes also bring lots of luck and keeps all the negative energy far from the human soul. When the sun is out and we are sitting in the garden sipping on a nice cup of coffee, a sweet pitch in the background can be a true soothing feeling. Wind Chimes add a musical pitch in the air. With just a small breeze the ornaments can change one’s mood adding a sweet melody.

Wemadethis loves making these chimes from glass as we are not just recycling the glass and creating beauty to the eyes but also a kaleidoscope of colours which bring peace and tranquillity to our environment and serenity to our mind, body and soul. Shades of Blue, green, brown, yellow, and clear glass come together both visually and acoustically.


“WeMadeThis” also takes corporate orders for the HORECA Industry & Lodges



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