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06 Dec, 2021
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Be Yourself! – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Are You Ready To Be Yourself? – by Alia Datoo

Haven’t we often heard these two words being flashed in front of us? But, some people do not have the slightest clue what these two words mean.

When you ask someone to “be themselves”, you are asking them to come to terms with whether or not they actually know and understand themselves, their feelings, know what they like and don’t like, and are probably their own best friend. A person’s real self is who they are when they release all of the labels, judgments, and stories that they’ve set upon themselves. They become natural people when they release their ideals and get rid of all of the masks.

So, do you know who you really are? How many of us compare ourselves to others and fail to realize the strength in our own uniqueness? Are we happy conforming to the ideals of others? Are we being true to ourselves? Is this why many of us feel unhappy, emotionally spent and disconnected?

I’d like to share with you a few ways in which you can get to Know and Be Yourself and uncover your real Nature.

1. Drop the Label, look for the Passion.
In times today, money is often used as a measure for success, and one can easily get caught up in the ideals of the rich and powerful. Many people, more so the young, end up taking jobs that pay huge salaries, but in truth make them miserable. Find your passion. Discover what you enjoy putting your time and effort into and pursue that, even if it means spending all your weekend on that. Remember your salary and your title does not define who you are.

2. Let your Inner Child out and have some fun.
When children are young, they’re carefree and don’t care what anybody thinks about them because they’re happy with their lives. When you get in touch with your inner child, you become free by playing, enjoying the moment, and having fun. You need to understand just how serious and stiff you have become by playing roles that force you to fit in and crush your true nature just because you are afraid of what others will think. Be free and have fun!

3. No matter who’s in front of you, be yourself.
You are your own unique self. You could be an extrovert who’s spontaneous or an introvert who’s a bit awkward. These are just labels that aren’t important because a person is what they feel and think. So relax and let go and just be yourself.

4. Tune into your feelings and find peace.
When you tune into yourself, you can achieve a sense of being at peace which makes you strong enough to deal with any stress or conflict. When you get in touch with your feelings, you understand more about yourself when dealing with sadness, happiness, fear or anger.

5. Be yourself by becoming aware of your thoughts.
You will not believe how many negative thoughts run through a person’s mind every day. And after a period of time, reality begins to take a form that’s based on these negative patterns of thinking. Spending time alone helps unlock your potential. Sit quietly for a few minutes and allow whatever thoughts come to mind to come in and then leave without paying them much attention. Then, throughout the day, continue to observe your thoughts. By becoming more aware of them and letting them go, you will be more in the present and can reveal your true nature.

6. Tune into your Intuition.
Following your intuition is one of the most essential parts of being yourself. Begin slowly by following those little urges and nudges you get in your solar plexus. These small steps will lead to larger ones as you start to trust your intuition. Most people believe a wise decision is practical and serves a purpose, but this isn’t always the case. By making a decision on what is thought to be right, and not what is felt to be right, makes it far harder to achieve harmony with who you are inside.

7. Get out of your shell and be yourself.
A vast number of people feel tense or anxious when they’re trying to be themselves. What they need to do first is to calm down while assuring that’s it’s perfectly alright to be themselves. Try some positive self-talk to help you get out of your shell and share who you are. It will also help you work on your confidence and eliminate anxiety.

So, are you ready to “Be Yourself”?

practicing gratitudeAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach

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