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16 Apr, 2021
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basic pranic healing workshop

Basic Pranic Healing Workshop With Shahwana

Basic Pranic Healing Workshop With Shahwana
Basic Pranic Healing Workshop To Help Strengthen Your Immune System

Workshop With Shahwana Khanam – Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th of March 2021

The Level 1 Basic Pranic healing workshop offers all the incredible knowledge one needs to know about the Aura and chakra introduction.

We guide you on how to feel and scan the energy levels.

We will share techniques with you on:
how to bring fever quickly down – What a relief for parents! 😃

You will also learn how to get relief from:
Stomach pains/gastrointestinal/abdominal issues.
As well as relief from:
Knee pain
Back pain
Neck stiffness

You will learn the above and so much more through the knowledge of energy healing!

No Touch, No Drug Therapy
Healing with a wave of a hand literally!
Pranic Healing®️modality is not a replacement for orthodox medicine rather a complement to it. If symptoms persist please seek medical help.
Pranic Healing®️is non-sectarian and respects all religions and beliefs.
The system of Pranic Healing is available in over 150 countries & is based on the Art and Science of energy healing with over 25years of research done by the Founder. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.


Time: 9:am – 6:pm (On both days)

This Is A Workshop Not To Be Missed!

Registration Is Now Open!


Contact Shahwana:

Call Us (+254) 711 800 120

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