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16 Sep, 2021
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Are You Ready To Get Suited?- By H&S Fashion


Are you excited to get suited? Suits have always been a wardrobe staple & every gentleman out there will agree to this! Whether it’s for a business meeting or a formal affair this is definitely on every gentleman’s top-of-the-list items of must-haves. Let us take you through a gentleman’s guide of suits as picking a suit can be tricky at times.

Let’s Get Suited! A Gentleman’s Suit Guide:

1. The Double-breasted Suit-

 This type of suit also known as the Italian style suit has wide overlapping front flaps with 2 columns of buttons in front. It can have symmetrical columns of either 4 or 6 buttons. If you are tall then men this suit would look elegant on you!

2. The Single-breasted Suit- get suited

This type of suit also called the British style suit has a single set of buttons usually 2 or 3, and they don’t overlap. It has a V-shaped neck with the back made of silk & can be worn with a waistcoat that is made of the same fabric as the suit. Compared to the double-breasted suit the single-breasted is more suited for casual wear!

3. The Dinner Suit-get suited

The dinner suit is generally one-buttoned single-breasted suit and is commonly known as the black tie suit. They are usually dark coloured and have either a traditional fit or slim fit depending on the preference.

4. The Wedding Suit-get suited

This suit is just for the occasion and varies in cuts, silhouettes & fabrics again depending on the groom’s preference. According to the trend, a slim fit with single or double buttons is preferred.

5. The Tuxedo-

The tuxedo or tux is the most luxurious of all suits. It can be customised to be worn on weddings and is usually worn with a satin cummerbund which is either the same colour as the tux or a darker shade. If you are not sure about the colour of tuxedo, you can always pick a black as you can never go wrong with a black tux!

6. The Business Suit-get suited

Off to an important business meeting? This suit is a very formal cut, stylish suit that can be either single-breasted or double-breasted. The business suit is the most common of all suits that every man owns. It can come in different patterns such as checkered but the most preferred is pinstriped. Business suits are usually worn in dark colours such as navy, black, dark grey etc.



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