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01 Jul, 2022
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Are You Just An Identity?

Are You Just An Identity? – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Your Identity Is Putting You In A Cage!

Who are you?

No really, who are you besides your title, your labels, your job, your family, your social circle, your groups, memberships, without any of these?

I’ll tell you….. you are FREE!

I know it is a scary thought when you shed all the above. You feel kind of lost and estranged, but your Identification to all the above is actually keeping you caged.

Think about it. Your identity is a way of putting you into a box, or several boxes, as a way to keep you in a stereotype that people can relate to. It closes a lot of doors and shuts down a whole lot of opportunities and experiences, all in the name of letting you feel safe, accepted and part of something.

When you adorn a label of let’s say, black, white, Muslim, Aries, Kenyan, American, crippled, depressed, and more, you are not really, adding to your sense of self or self-worth or purpose. You are actually identifying to one or more means to divide and control. Kindly check the box you belong in: you either belong here, here, or here or nowhere at all.

Labels and titles are not free to identify with. They come with the burden and baggage of actually conforming to the traits that define these labels. For instance, if you identify as an influencer, you are immediately expected to have a fan following of a million people, and be an acceptable size and shape, and listen to all the latest songs, and vote for xyz, and be a super being.

Stop trying to fit in! Stop trying to follow this “formula”, that in order to be something you have to look, eat, speak, dress, act, and exist in a certain way. Just be YOU! Don’t find your place, MAKE your place out there.

Do you agree with me on this?

Your IdentityAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach

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