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01 Jul, 2022
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hopeless or hopeful romantic

Are You A Hopeless Or Hopeful Romantic? – H&S Love Affair

What Kind Of Romantic Are You; Hopeless OR Hopeful?

hopeless or hopeful romantic
A hopeless romantic is someone who is optimistic about love & loves the idea of being in love, and that being said, when they fall in love, they fall hard. Because they’re optimistic about love, even after they get their heart broken, they don’t give up on the possibility of love. Think of a romantic fairytale ending, that’s what a hopeless romantic wants; their ‘happily ever after’. If you believe in love at first sight, fall in love very quickly & are waiting for that prince charming to sweep you off your feet, living in a fairytale world, wishing for your perfect happily ever after, chances are you are a hopeless romantic. Now, just because you are a hopeless romantic, doesn’t mean that the person you may be attracted to, is a hopeless romantic too, and has the same views as you. They can be easily turned-off as you can come off as being way too intense, & this may not lead to the expected outcome. Having said that, a hopeless romantic is okay with a ‘one-sided’ relationship, as it is the lack of love from their partner that drives them to want to win their love over. As mentioned earlier, they love the idea of being in love and will do anything to experience love, even if it involves spontaneity.

So it’s confirmed you are a hopeless romantic. The next question that’s on your mind is, ‘Is it a good thing or a bad thing?’. Every person at some stage will have their heart broken, and it’s actually a good thing to be hopeful about love. Not giving up and having hope is healthy as it steers you towards finding love. However, the unrealistic approach & thoughts surrounding love, may not be good, as this means a hopeless romantic may settle for less than what they deserve or may go to any lengths to make their relationship work, either of which can’t be good. Ignoring your partner’s negative traits and seeing them as perfect isn’t conducive for a healthy long-term relationship. Hopeless romantics also have the expectation to be in a relationship and can’t see ‘being single’ as a positive thing. They may also struggle with making their ‘long-term’ relationship last, as their idea of fairy-tale love can keep them from creating a deep and lasting connection with their partner. If they are faced with a conflict, they’re quick to leave, as conflicts to them are not meant to exist in their ‘perfect fairy-tale love story’. This notion makes it hard for a hopeless romantic to maintain a long, meaningful, healthy relationship.

A hopeful romantic on the other hand is very realistic. Their perspective is all about viewing the relationship in a more realistic manner, which allows a hopeful romantic to learn as well as grow with their partner, keeping things real and forming a deeper, meaningful and healthy connection. Compatibility is important to a hopeful romantic, and there’s nothing like ‘perfect love’. A hopeful romantic knows conflicts are a part of the whole relationship works, and resolving & overcoming the conflict is what makes a relationship stronger. In short, a hopeful romantic is hopeful, is realistic and won’t stick in a relationship if their partner is not right for them.

So how do you go from being a hopeless romantic to a hopeful romantic? In order to be able to do this, a hopeless romantic needs to firstly work on themselves. They need to learn from their breakup and apply what they have learnt in their future relationships. When dating, a hopeless romantic needs to slow down, in order to truly understand their partner and what they want from the relationship. What’s also important for a hopelessly romantic individual, is, to learn to fall in love with YOURSELF first, so you don’t settle for anything less and know how to put your needs first.




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