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02 Feb, 2023
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Appreciate Your Spouse! – H&S Love Affair

How To Appreciate Your Spouse & Show Them Gratitude!

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” – Cynthia Ozick

appreciate Your Spouse
In our busy lives, we forget to stop and appreciate the most important person in our lives our spouse – the love of our life! It’s important you take some time out from your busy schedules to show gratitude to your spouse, not just once in a while but daily. This daily habit will help transform your marriage into a healthy one. There are so many ways to show the one you love, your appreciation and it honestly doesn’t take a lot!

5 Ways To Practice Gratitude:

1. Be Thankful, By Saying Thank You More Often! – It’s not just the big gestures that you should be grateful for. Make sure you acknowledge all the little things that may seem mundane and express gratitude as this will help your partner feel ‘wanted’. The fact that you care about your partner and want to appreciate him/her can make a huge difference in their mindset, after all, who doesn’t want to ‘feel’ appreciated? Remember, all it takes our the 2 simple words to make that much of a difference!

2. Be Thoughtful With A Thoughtful Note, Card, or Letter – At times, it’s nice to leave behind sweet little notes saying ‘thank you’ & ‘I love you’ to your spouse. You can either leave a sticky note on the breakfast counter or a note on the fridge with magnets or on his work table at home or on the dashboard of this car. This sweet, surprise element will leave your spouse happy and speechless. Going out of the way to make your loved one feel special is just what it takes to brighten the day!

3. Be Romantic By Cooking A Special Meal – For sure your spouse must have a favourite meal whether it’s a favourite dessert or a recipe they have been wanting to try, set aside some time to cook up a delicious meal and make him/her feel special. You can even go the extra mile by decorating the table with his/favourite flowers, candles or play your favourite music as a couple.

4. Compliment, Compliment & Compliment!! – It’s important you compliment your partner, not just to his face but even compliment him/her in public and let your friends and family know how special he/she is! Make sure you compliment your partner every now and then as this helps boost their self-esteem and makes them feel loved!

5. Give A Gratitude Gift!! – Sometimes you don’t need a reason to give a gift! Buy that something special your spouse has been eyeing and perhaps saving up for and gift it with a thank you note!


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