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29 Feb, 2024
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Apple Music- H&S Magazine's Best Artist Of The Week- The Kiffness: A Funky Blend of Electronic and Jazz Music

Apple Music- H&S Magazine’s Best Artist Of The Week- The Kiffness: A Funky Blend of Electronic and Jazz Music

H&S Magazine’s Best Artist Of The Week

The Kiffness

Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Funk

An Eclectic Musical Journey with South Africa’s The Kiffness

The Kiffness is a South African musical project that blends the genres of electronic, jazz, and funk to create a unique sound that is both refreshing and entertaining. Started in 2011 by David Scott, The Kiffness has gained a large following and critical acclaim for their distinctive style and innovative music. With a plethora of singles, EPs, and albums under their belt, The Kiffness has become a household name in South Africa’s music scene and beyond.



Over the years, The Kiffness has released a string of chart-topping singles and albums, such as “Pushin’ On” and “Soul Safari.” They have collaborated with numerous local and international artists and have performed at some of the biggest music festivals in South Africa, including Rocking the Daisies and Oppikoppi. In addition, The Kiffness has won multiple awards for their music, including a South African Music Award (SAMA) for Best Dance Album.



The Kiffness’ music is a funky blend of electronic beats, jazz-inspired melodies, and soulful vocals. Their music is upbeat, energetic, and perfect for a night out or a chill evening at home. With catchy hooks and infectious rhythms, it’s hard not to dance along to their music. The Kiffness’ live performances are also a sight to behold, with their high-energy stage presence and crowd-pleasing antics. Whether you’re a fan of jazz, funk, or electronic music, The Kiffness is a must-listen.


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Our Favourite Tracks From This Artist

H&S Magazine’s Top 5 Tracks From This Album

No. 1. The Kiffness x Ginger the Cockatiel – Kookee Kookee (CLUB ANTHEM)


No. 2. The Kiffness x Mr. Coca Cola / Faisan (Live Looping Remix)


No. 3. The Kiffness x Rushawn – It’s a Beautiful Day (Original song by Jermaine Edwards)


No. 4. The Kiffness x Oh Long Johnson 2.0 – Hold Onto My Fur (Talking Cat Song)


No. 5. The Kiffness X Haiku The Husky – Ancient Husky Melody

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