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05 Dec, 2021
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Apple Music- H&S Magazine's Best Artist Of The Week- Kenny G Essentials

Apple Music- H&S Magazine’s Best Artist Of The Week- Kenny G Essentials

H&S Magazine’s Best Artist Of The Week

Kenny G

Album: Essentials

Kenny G is, without question, the most popular smooth jazz artist of all time. The former Barry White sideman achieved multi-platinum success with 1986’s Duotones and that album’s quiet storm classics “Songbird” and “Don’t Make Me Wait For Your Love,” both anchored by his instantly recognizable soprano sax. He’s since become an international icon, selling millions of records and keeping a healthy sense of humor about his uncool reputation. Explore the range of his catalog with this playlist of his hits, all-star collaborations, and even some of his beloved Christmas recordings.

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Featured Tracks

H&S Magazine’s Top 3 Tracks From This Album

No. 1. Kenny G – The Moment (Official Video)


No. 2. Kenny G – Forever In Love (Official Video)


No. 3. Kenny G – Songbird (Official Video)


Track List

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