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15 Aug, 2022
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Apple Music- H&S Magazine's Best Artist Of The Week- Ellie Goulding Essentials

Apple Music- H&S Magazine’s Best Artist Of The Week- Ellie Goulding Essentials

H&S Magazine’s Best Artist Of The Week

Ellie Goulding

Album: Essentials

British singer/songwriter Ellie Goulding partnered with producer Starsmith while still in college, resulting in a unique brand of folk-influenced electro pop that took the UK charts by storm. After a few successful singles overseas, audiences in North America began warming up to Goulding’s sweet sound as well, charmed by her ethereal voice and infectious melodies. Soon, Goulding’s debut LP Lights became a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. On her 2012 follow-up, Halcyon, she embraced a more introspective sound, which audiences found equally breathtaking.

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Ellie Goulding, Lauv – Slow Grenade (Live Session)


Featured Tracks

H&S Magazine’s Top 3 Tracks From This Album

No. 1. Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do (Official Video)


No. 2. Ellie Goulding – Burn (Official Video)


No. 3. Calvin Harris – I Need Your Love (Official Video) ft. Ellie Goulding


Track List

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