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ANGA SKY Friday 14th-20th Dec 2018- Panari Sky Center- Kedarnath



Panari Sky Center, NAIROBI KENYA



Kedarnath 2D

Kedarnath is a potent combination of love and religion, of passion and spirituality set on a 14-kilometer pilgrimage from Gauri Kund to Kedarnath – the 2000-year-old holy temple of Lord Shiva. Mansoor, a reserved and reticent porter, helps pilgrims make an arduous journey to the temple town. His world turns around when he meets the beautiful and rebellious Mukku, who draws him into a whirlwind of intense love. Destiny has plans for lovers amidst the uncertainties of life, nature, and broken hearts.

Friday, 14th December: 11:00PM.
Sunday, 16th December: 8:00AM.
Monday, 17th December: 11:00PM.
Wednesday, 19th December: 11:00PM.
Thursday, 20th December: 11:00PM.


Aquaman 3D

Friday, 14th December: 8.40AM,10.00AM,11.20AM,2.00PM,4.40PM,7.20PM,10.00PM.
Saturday, 15th December: 6.00AM,8.40AM,11.20AM,2.00PM,4.40PM,7.20PM,10.00PM.
Sunday, 16th December: 6.00AM,8.40AM,11.20AM,2.00PM,4.40PM,7.20PM,10.00PM.
Monday, 17th December: 10.00AM, 11.20AM,2.00PM,4.40PM,7.20PM,10.00PM.
Tuesday, 18th December: 11.20AM,2.00PM,4.40PM,7.20PM,10.00PM.
Wednesday, 19th December: 10.00AM, 11.20AM,2.00PM,4.40PM,7.20PM,10.00PM.
Thursday, 20th December: 11.20AM,2.00PM,4.40PM,7.20PM,10.00PM.

Ralph Breaks the Internet 3D

Friday, 14th December: 12.40PM.
Saturday, 15th December: 10.10AM.
Sunday, 16th December: 10.10AM.
Thursday, 20th December: 10.00AM.

Robin Hood 2D

Friday, 14th December: 6:40PM.
Saturday, 15th December: 8:30PM.
Sunday, 16th December: 8:40PM.
Monday, 17th December: 6:40PM.
Tuesday, 18th December: 8:40PM.
Wednesday, 19th December: 6:40PM.

The Grinch

Friday, 14th December: 3:00PM.
Saturday, 15th December: 4:20PM.
Sunday, 16th December: 2:30PM.
Monday, 17th December: 3:00PM.
Tuesday, 18th December: 2:30PM.
Wednesday, 19th December: 3:00PM.
Thursday, 20th December: 2:30PM.


Mortal Engines 3D

Friday, 14th December: 8.50PM.
Saturday, 15th December: 8.00AM,6.30PM.
Sunday, 16th December: 6.30PM 10.40PM.
Monday, 17th December: 12.40PM 8.50PM.
Tuesday, 18th December: 10.00AM, 6.30PM,10.40PM.
Wednesday, 19th December: 12.40PM 8.50PM.
Thursday, 20th December: 12.00AM, 6.30PM.

2.0 2D

Thursday, 20th December: 11:00PM.


Spider-man:Into the spider-verse 3D

Friday, 14th December: 4.40PM.
Saturday, 15th December: 2.30PM.
Sunday, 16th December: 12.30PM,4.20PM.
Monday, 17th December: 4.40PM.
Tuesday, 18th December: 12.30PM,4.20PM.
Wednesday, 19th December: 4.40PM.
Thursday, 20th December: 4.20PM.



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