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ANGA SKY 22nd-28th Feb 2019- Panari Sky Center- Total Dhamaal

ANGA SKY 22nd-28th Feb 2019- Panari Sky Center- Total Dhamaal



Panari Sky Center, NAIROBI KENYA



Total Dhamaal 2D

And the madness & the craziness of the biggest franchise of laughter continues. Total Dhamaal is a mad adventure comedy about money. Guddu (Ajay Devgn), a small time crook gets double-crossed by his own colleague, Pintu (Manoj Pahwa), after they have managed to get their hands on an illegal booty. Guddu & his sidekick Johnny (Sanjay Misra) manage to trace his colleague but only after Pintu has given the information of the booty to 3 other groups i.e. Avinash (Anil Kapoor) & Bindu (Madhuri Dixit Nene) – a bickering couple about to be divorced; Lallan (Riteish Deshmukh) & Jhingur (Pitobash Tripathy) – Fire Officers turned offenders & two weird siblings Aditya (Arshad Warsi) & Manav (Javed Jaffrey). All of them refuse Guddu’s offer to distribute the money and the race to reach the booty first begins. Finally after many ups & downs all reach the designated place. But it’s not as easy as it seems. Is there any truth about the hidden booty? Or all of them are being fooled? After a day full of life changing, near death experiences, will the adventure ever end or another one begin? Find out how the story concludes and if they are able to get the booty or not!

Friday, 22nd February: 20:00,22:20.
Saturday, 23rd February: 08:40,15:50,20:00.
Sunday, 24th February: 8:30,15:20,19:45.
Monday, 25th February: 11:00,19:40.
Tuesday, 26th February: 11:00 20:00.
Wednesday, 27th February: 15:30,19:40,21:50.
Thursday, 28th February: 12:20, 19:10,21:20.


Alita: Battle Angel 3D

Friday, 22nd February: 10:00,12:20,16:20,18:30,20:40.
Saturday, 23rd February: 10:40,13:00,17:00,19:20,21:30.
Sunday, 24th February: 10:50,13:00,17:00,19:20,21:30.
Monday, 25th February: 10:00,12:30,14:40,16:50,19:00,22:50.
Tuesday, 26th February: 10:10,12:20,16:20,18:30,20:40,22:50.
Wednesday, 27th February: 10:00,12:20,16:25,18:30,20:40,22:50.
Thursday, 28th February: 10:00,12:10,14:20,18:40,20:50.


Gully Boy 2D

Friday, 22nd February: 10.30, 15:20.
Saturday, 23rd February: 08:00,11:00.
Sunday, 24th February: 08:00, 10:40.
Tuesday, 26th February: 15:25.
Thursday, 28th February: 14:30.


What Men Want 2D

Friday, 22nd February: 13:20,18:00,22:50.
Saturday, 23rd February: 13:50,18:00,22:20.
Sunday, 24th February: 13:20,17:40, 22:00.
Monday, 25th February: 13:20,15:30, 17:40,21:50.
Tuesday, 26th February: 13:20, 18:00, 22:20.
Wednesday, 27th February: 11:00,13:20, 17:40.
Thursday, 28th February: 10:20,17:10,23:00.


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 3D

Friday, 22nd February: 14:25.
Saturday, 23rd February: 15:10.
Sunday, 24th February: 15:10.
Tuesday, 26th February: 14:30.
Wednesday, 27th February: 14:30. 



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