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16 Apr, 2021
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ANGA Diamond- Diamond Plaza 2 Cinema- 6th-12th March 2020- Baaghi 3- H&S Magazine Kenya

ANGA Diamond- Diamond Plaza 2 Cinema- 13th-19th March 2020- Baaghi 3





Offer Of The Week:

Family combo:
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Baaghi 3

A man embarks on a bloody rampage to save his kidnapped brother.

Friday, 13th March: 09:30AM,12:40PM,01:15PM,04:20PM,07:30PM,10:10PM,10:40PM.
Saturday, 14th March: 09:00AM,11:00AM,02:10PM,04:10PM,05:40PM,07:20PM,09:50PM,10:30PM.
Sunday, 15th March: 08:00AM,11:10AM,02:30PM,03:20PM,05:40PM,07:00PM,08:50PM.
Monday, 16th March: 10:30AM,03:00PM,05:10PM,08:20PM,10:45PM.
Tuesday, 17th March: 10:30AM,01:10PM,04:30PM,07:40PM,09:00PM.
Wednesday, 18th March: 10:00AM,01:00PM,05:00PM,07:40PM,10:10PM.
Thursday, 19th March: 10:00AM,01:10PM,04:30PM,06:30PM,07:40PM,09:40PM,10:55PM.


Angrezi Medium 2D

Champak, an unassuming mithai shop owner and single father is set to fulfil his daughter’s dream to study in London. However, certain misadventures lead him and his family on a new quest, one which renews their relationships and bonds.

Friday, 13th March: 05:30PM,10:00PM.
Saturday, 14th March: 08:45AM,03:10PM,07:20PM,10:50PM.
Sunday, 15th March: 08:00AM,12:45PM,04:20PM,06:30PM,09:00PM.
Monday, 16th March: 10:30AM,01:40PM,06:10PM,08:10PM,10:40PM.
Tuesday, 17th March: 10:30AM,01:40PM,04:20PM,08:15PM,10:45PM.
Wednesday, 18th March: 10:30AM,05:00PM,08:10PM,10:45PM.
Thursday, 19th March: 11:20AM,03:50PM,08:25PM,10:50PM.


Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship

A couple is trapped on an abandoned ship lying static on a beach.

Friday, 13th March: 10:50AM.



After he and his wife are murdered, marine Ray Garrison is resurrected by a team of scientists. Enhanced with nanotechnology, he becomes a superhuman, biotech killing machine – Bloodshot. As Ray first trains with fellow super-soldiers, he cannot recall anything from his former life. But when his memories flood back and he remembers the man that killed both him and his wife, he breaks out of the facility to get revenge, only to discover that there’s more to the conspiracy than he thought.

Friday, 13th March: 03:50PM,05:50PM,08:05PM.
Saturday, 14th March: 09:00AM,12:10PM,02:10PM,05:15PM,08:50PM.
Sunday, 15th March: 08:00AM,12:30PM,02:20PM,10:10PM.
Monday, 16th March: 10:30AM,03:10PM,06:10PM,08:45PM.
Tuesday, 17th March: 10:30AM,02:30PM,06:15PM,07:00PM,10:50PM.
Wednesday, 18th March: 10:30AM,12:30PM,04:10PM,06:10PM,08:10PM,10:40PM.
Thursday, 19th March: 09:25AM,01:50PM,04:30PM,06:30PM.


Ip Man 4: The Finale

Ip Man and his son encounter racial discrimination after travelling to the United States to seek a better life.

Friday, 13th March: 09:00AM.
Saturday, 14th March: 11:15AM.
Monday, 16th March: 04:20PM.
Tuesday, 17th March: 04:20PM.
Wednesday, 18th March: 03:10PM.



Two teenage elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot go on a journey to discover if there is still a little magic left out there in order to spend one last day with their father, who died when they were too young to remember him.

Friday, 13th March: 09:00AM,01:30PM,03:30PM.
Saturday, 14th March: 01:10PM.
Sunday, 15th March: 10:40AM.
Monday, 16th March: 01:10PM.
Tuesday, 17th March: 12:30PM.
Wednesday, 18th March: 01:10PM.
Thursday, 19th March: 10:00AM,02:30PM.



A woman reevaluates her marriage after her husband slaps her in the face in front of a group of people at a party.

Friday, 13th March: 11:00AM.
Sunday, 15th March: 10:00AM.
Monday, 16th March: 12:25PM.
Wednesday, 18th March: 02:30PM.
Thursday, 19th March: 12:00PM.



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