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20 Jan, 2022
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Amazing Bathroom Ideas

Amazing Bathroom Ideas – H&S Homes & Gardens

Transform Your Bathroom With These Amazing Bathroom Ideas!

Just like any other space in your home, your bathroom too should be welcoming as well as relaxing, decorated to perfection but not at the cost of its functionality. You don’t need a super-expensive bathroom with super-expensive utilities or accessories to make it tasteful and comfy. With these bathroom ideas below you get all the inspiration you need to help you create your dream bathroom.

1. Patterned Bathtub-
amazing bathroom ideas

There’s no need to stick to white bathtubs, how about adding a patterned bathtub to make your bathroom standout?


2. Embrace Elegant Materials-

amazing bathroom ideas

You can’t go wrong with marble. It’s one of those materials that adds a luxurious feel instantly to any space. This material is mostly used in hotel bathrooms, spas etc. You don’t need to add marble to the whole space but just bits of it to add a hint of glamour.


3. Standout With A Bold Colour-

Rather than introducing colour through painted walls and ceilings how about drawing all the attention to a bathtub or vanity in a bold colour? This will add all the drama you need in your space without making it appear overly bright and flashy! Don’t be shy to explore with bold colours such as red and orange in your space!


4. Use Unusual Shaped Tiles To Create An Impact-

amazing bathroom ideas

Bathroom tiles for floors, walls, backsplashes when used creatively, add a decorative touch to any bathroom. Play with the shape of the tile to get that amazing look. You can create mosaic patterns, or use a hexagonal shaped tile as a backsplash. Get creative and you will be able to create an interesting pattern for your dream bathroom.


5. Accessorize Appropriately-

Your bathroom is not complete without the finishing touches that include towels, soaps etc. It’s important you have all the necessary accessories displayed in an appropriate manner, for example rolled or folded clean towels add a thoughtful touch for the guests, the toiletries should not be placed in an area that could be easily splashed on, etc.

These Amazing Bathroom Ideas Will Transform Your Bathroom

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