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15 Aug, 2022
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relationships that end

All Relationships That End Are Failures?- H&S Love Affair

All Relationships That End, Aren’t Failures!

relationships that end
No one enters into a relationship knowing or hoping that it will end. It’s therefore hard to predict when and why a relationship will end. Just because the goals or desires have changed doesn’t mean that the relationship is a failure. It is important to also understand, that a goal of a relationship isn’t to stay together forever no matter what. The goals of a relationship in fact, are one to make both partners happy and two to help them grow. If the purpose of a relationship isn’t being served then it’s wise to breakup and move on rather than end up hurting and/or being hurt. Hence breaking up or ending the relationship, in this sense, doesn’t equate to failure. Another interesting thing to note, is that, your past relationships have a valuable lesson, if you decide to look at it positively. And if that’s the case then how can it be a failure?

4 Important Lessons To Learn From A Relationship That Ends:

1. You Get To Learn About Yourself- The incompatibilities and inconsistencies in beliefs show you who you are and what you really want. For example, if your partner doesn’t have the same religious views as you, this may show you where you stand spiritually. Or if you love to socialize while your partner is the complete opposite, this might show you how important your friends are. This is good, because you don’t want to change yourself in order for someone to love you, as this will lead to unhappiness and there’s no reason to be unhappy in a relationship!

2. Will Help You GROW- There are so many things you don’t know about yourself that you get to only realize & learn when in a relationship. For example, you may not know you are insecure because of your low self-esteem, this may only crop up as your partner may do certain things that may make you realize your insecurities. All this means is that you space for improvement and growth, which is in fact a good thing as it equips you better for your future.

3. Vulnerability Is Important- Being vulnerable can be very daunting as you don’t know what turn the relationship will take. No one knows the future, and as easy it is to end up being cautious whilst entering into a new relationship. Being vulnerable is the best lesson, as even though you may not know what to expect you get to be open and show your true self to the person and this way you have no regrets or doubts, irrespective of how the relationship pans out.

4. Your Past Relationships Have A Huge Impact- You are who you are today, because of your past experiences, i.e. your journey makes you who you are, and every person you come across whilst on this journey, helps you in the process. Your past relationship thus, has a huge impact in helping you become who you are. And though the journey may not be easy, it definitely helps you learn what you don’t want in a partner and more importantly what you want. You may therefore have to take some wrong turns before arriving to the destination, but know this, it is the wrong turns that will help you learn and show you your path and who you want to be with and also who YOU want to be in your future relationship.


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